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Who They Are

The brands on EarthHero are game changers. They're innovators and strivers for "better." Some of them are family-owned, while some of them have grown to be a force for good. They all have a story, and we're proud to be a part of it. They're all united in the single goal of leaving a planet better than they found it. Shop All Brands

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Why We Like Them

All of the brands on EarthHero are chosen because they’re doing better than the average. Our companies are pushing the boundaries of sustainability.

The materials our companies use are sustainable. To us, that means turning to recycled materials, upcycled materials, organic sources, or renewable resources, instead of relying on limited resources for their products. These companies are recognized with logos highlighting the sustainable materials in their products. Look for these on every product page!

We search for companies that make an effort to provide their workers with safe and fair wages. We have recognized the companies who have are Fair Trade Certified, Made in the USA, or implement other safe and fair standards into their company with logos below each product.

Many of the companies on EarthHero don’t stop at good materials and ethical employment. They also strive to give back to their communities by participating in charities such as 1% for the Planet. Many plant trees for products sold, or offer a one-for-one program to share their products with those in need.

Some of our companies promote a sustainable lifestyle with their products. From offering replacements for disposable products to providing tools to help you live more sustainably, our brands want to spread a more positive lifestyle.

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