What if your skincare meant more than slathering product onto your face and zipping out the door without a second thought? What if your skincare routine could be a sacred self-care ritual that engaged your senses and promoted a stronger connection between you and what you put on your body, all while helping the planet? To bridge this disconnect between product, body, and nature, Waterbody was born.

Waterbody was founded by Angie who realized her deepest connection to herself when she was in nature. Coming from an environmental science and advocacy background, Angie always made caring for the environment a priority. This combined with her passion for botany, organic skincare, and environmental stewardship fueled her drive to create something innovative. In 2015, this led to Angie moving from her home in the Midwest to Southwest Alaska and creating Waterbody. Soon she was sharing her love of the Alaskan wild with others through daily care rituals and natural skincare products.

All Waterbody products are made by hand in the intimate rainforest community of Wrangell, Alaska by a small team of crafters. With each wilderness-inspired product, Waterbody creates a unique beauty experience to enhance connection with the lush Alaskan landscape. This, combined with a dedication to loving our bodies and loving the planet, makes for a well-rounded self-love experience.
Organic Salt Bath Soak



Connect with the wild parts of yourself

Waterbody infuses nature into their body products in intentional ways that are gentle on both body and planet. Each Waterbody product features active botanicals organically grown and sustainably harvested in nature, from the luscious land to the boggy waters of Alaska. Every ingredient is chosen thoughtfully for its skin-replenishing benefits and environmental impact to ensure each product only has what it needs, no fillers included. Waterbody makes products that promote better connection and intimacy with nature to produce an enriching sensory experience for anyone who uses their goods. They also prioritize sustainability by opting for organic whenever possible and by working closely with the land they source ingredients from through their partnerships with Ocean View, a small-scale farm in the Wrangell community that grows lavender, calendula, and a slew of other thriving botanicals. Waterbody refuses to use culturally sacred or environmentally sensitive plants, like Devil's Club, so that native habitat impact can be minimized. To reduce their packaging footprint, Waterbody is continuously working towards a zero-waste goal. They use low-waste cardboard packaging that is 100% recyclable. Their bath salt soak collection features a paperboard tube, which is 100% plastic-free! Even the cello bag inside the tube can be backyard composted. Waterbody's commitments go beyond stewardship and connection to nature and prioritize giving back. They are dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of the Southeast Alaskan community around Waterbody and contribute 1% of profits to Wrangell Parks and Recreation's Helping Our Parks Program. This program both supports year-round parks cleanup events and funds scholarships for youth to attend local outdoor recreational programming. Beyond their regular donations, Waterbody has supported local relief efforts, like the Haines Disaster Relief fund in response to the area's landslides and community displacement impact in 2020.

Time Well-Spent

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