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When Kim Rohwer and her son started having reactions to typical skincare products, her mama bear instincts kicked in and led her to do some deep investigating. What she found was a piece of wisdom that would soon become the foundation of Nash and Jones: Being healthy isn't just about eating well, what we put on our bodies matters just as much as what we put in them. Kim and her family decided to ditch all of their products with long ingredient lists and replace them with simple skincare solutions, right from the garden! Seeing this need for more natural and health-oriented products on the market, Kim and her family were inspired to start their own transparent, health-oriented skincare company.

Now a reality, Nash and Jones brings us exceptional herbal and plant-based blends, straight from the Earth. While some brands exist for profit, love is truly the heart of the Nash and Jones' business model. You'll feel the love with every use because these uniquely crafted products feature naturally-derived ingredients that compliment our bodies' oils and support cell regeneration and healthy skin. This brand creates safe and effective products by following three simple steps: 1) Eliminate the harmful 2) Replace with nourishing ingredients 3) Experience freedom.
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Nash and Jones


Bamboo Soap Dish

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Plant Clay Face Mask
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Plant Clay Face Mask

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Silk Sea Sponge

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Skincare From Plants

On a mission to spread love, this family-owned company is looking out for the health of families, and our shared home, this beautiful planet. Through a process built upon trust and transparency, Nash and Jones rejects harmful practices, like the use of preservatives, perfumes, dyes, fillers, petroleum, and petroleum by-products, in the substances that we put on our bodies. Surprised that there's petroleum in skincare products? It's actually more common than you might think. But a simple substitution for good old beeswax makes this fossil fuel-derived ingredient obsolete! Similar steps are taken across the whole business model to eliminate harmful ingredients and replace them with plant-based alternatives that naturally cleanse and nourish the skin. Nash and Jones embraces the natural coloring of ingredients, making artificial dyes irrelevant. Artificial perfumes, which can wreak havoc on the immune system, have been replaced by essential oils that are naturally-derived, smell amazing, and have added benefits for the skin. In fact, by using all Earth-based ingredients like plants, seeds, and roots, these skincare products take advantage of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, which deliver a burst of nourishment to the skin with every use. Nash and Jones strives for simplicity and efficacy so instead of using filler ingredients, all products are guaranteed to contain just the good stuff. This also means that less is needed with each use, reducing excess and waste. The packaging is designed for reuse and recycling by employing paper and glass whenever possible. Plus, all products ship plastic-free in recycled cardboard packaging. As a family company that's built on spreading love, Nash and Jones is committed to being an ethical brand, using only responsibly and sustainably harvested materials and partnering with companies that share their values. Plus, these products are all cruelty free; they are never tested on animals and the goat and boar hair used in brushes are harvested through good practice shearing.

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