The Root Board

When you're an avid practitioner of yoga, the place you choose to unfurl your mat can dictate a large part of how enjoyable and restorative the flow is. Yoga mats on carpet and uneven surfaces often produce a less than ideal experience and can lead to sore ankles and wrists. However, just because a favorite studio may be closed or there's a lack of wood flooring nearby doesn't mean your practice has to suffer!

Following the turmoil and uncertainty the world faced in 2020 and the difficult aftermath of adjusting to a new normal, it became all the more important to create the space to balance physical, spiritual, and mental health. As the world adapted to new safety protocols, yoga and fitness studios closed their doors, leaving many avid yogis and fitness lovers without a dedicated space to center their mind and body. With 36 million yoga lovers in the U.S., and with nearly two-thirds of them being at-home practitioners, the search for a comfortable and stable space was essential! This dilemma is what sparked Kathy and Brian McCarthy to do something about the lack of studio access and need for safe and stable at-home mat surfaces. The pair, who have been married for 28 years, created The Root Board alongside their three children with the mission of providing an at-home yoga experience for those looking for a way to safely practice with confidence from the comfort of their homes. The issue for many was slippery mats, aching ankles and wrists, and overall instability during poses. The solution came about in the form of an elegant and minimalist yoga platform called, The Root Board!

The bamboo root board is an easy-to-transport, easy-to-travel with yoga platform meant to elevate mind-body practices from one's home or fave beach or park spot! This beautifully designed board has handles for hopping from one adventure to the next and is sturdy enough to support even the most intense power vinyasa flow on uneven or soft surfaces. Whether new to the practice and learning the delicacy of a Cat-Cow stretch or working on your next arm balance, this board offers the support needed for a fulfilling and safe at-home yoga experience.
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