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In the early 1990s, Eco by Naty's CEO and founder, Marlene Sandberg was frustrated with the diaper industry. Chemical inputs, non-transparent supply chains, and harsh chemicals that end up on babies' skin were norms for conventional diapers and there were no environmentally friendly alternatives that existed. Marlene, a mother of two boys, saw an opportunity to clean up the industry while protecting her little ones and the planet. It took years of research and development but Marlene went from lawyer to eco-entrepreneur to launch the first-ever eco-friendly diaper!

Since there were no sustainable diaper regulations or certifications at the time, Eco by Naty really paved their own way in creating the change they wanted to see. Since their launch, the industry has caught up and now the company is certified to some of the toughest environmental standards. Their product line has grown with them and expanded to include everything from wipes and diapers to plant-based potties and diaper bags - all products for you and your babe that are environmentally safe and sound.

healthy baby. healthy planet.

Eco by Naty really goes the extra mile when it comes to transparency in their supply chain. They don't just look for low standards for certification but seek out the most rigorous environmental frameworks to work within. Their list of certifications includes OK Biobased by Vinçotte, labeling, and claims that are sanctioned by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, chain of custody from FSC, eco-cert organic certification, GOTS, v-label for vegan goods, and Oeko-Tex. With such a long list of credible certifications, Eco by Naty is paving the way for consumers to make the most informed decisions and trust the product they are buying really is doing good for their family and the earth. EarthHero also loves supporting companies with big hearts and big missions. Eco by Naty is determined to reduce the waste and harmful impact associated with the 3.5 billion disposable diapers that are manufactured globally. We are proud to carry their diapers that are free of parabens, latex, and fragrances that can harm early childhood development and cause diaper rash. Additionally, knowing that Eco by Naty is vegan, 100% bio and plant-based, packaged in renewable material, and independently certified ensures that the environmental footprint associated with these diapers is as small as possible. To go one step further, Eco by Naty publishes a Sustainability Report that gives customers even more insight and information into the world of Marlene, the CEO, and all of the wonderful initiatives the brand takes in order to stay true to its sustainable roots.

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