When Joana and Amanda, founders of Tiradia, met, they immediately connected over their shared passion for sustainability and determination to make a difference. Amanda came from a background of marketing and sustainability and Joana's family had been working in the Portuguese cork industry since the 1920s. Joining forces, they created Tiradia to offer gorgeous cork bags and accessories that combine elevated style with strong, eco-minded values.

In Portuguese, Tiradia translates to the action of extracting cork from trees. Harvesting cork bark in Portugal is a careful and respected process. It is done with the utmost love and care for the tree, using only human-powered techniques that maintain the health of the trees while also preserving the environment in which they grow. Cork is integral to the Tiradia brand so much that its brand logo is an image of a cork tree trunk with a portion of the bark extracted. By using cork as the primary material for their products, Tiradia is dedicated to making environmentally conscious decisions that respect people, planet, and animals. Backpacks, wallets, keychains, and home accessories, every product from Tiradia has been thoughtfully designed to be a classic piece that stands up to the trends of fast fashion and is always in style.
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All for a more mindful future

Staying fashionable while also being conscious of the environment may sometimes feel like an impossible feat. Tiradia products offer style that doesn't come at the cost of sustainability or ethical production. From the conscious sourcing of the cork to plastic-free packaging and shipping, Tiradia chooses the best options to create beautiful accessories that are also gentle on our planet! Durable, lightweight, anti-microbial, waterproof, and biodegradable, cork boasts a myriad of incredible benefits. Its soft texture and malleable feel make it a wonderful alternative to animal leather. Cork is an inherently renewable and sustainable material that comes from the bark of the versatile cork oak tree, Quercus Suber, (sobreiros in Portuguese). A cork tree must reach full maturity of about twenty-five years old before its bark can be extracted. Once mature, a skilled professional cuts into the bark of the tree and removes the outermost layer. After its initial harvest, trees must wait nine years before their bark is ready to be stripped again. However, during the time that the tree is regrowing its bark, it absorbs up to five times more carbon from the atmosphere than a non-harvested tree! Cork trees live for over 200 years, meaning one tree may be harvested twenty to thirty times in its lifetime. Through their stunning bags, wallets, and accessories Tiradia is working to bring cork to the main stage as a top-tier leather alternative. By working with producers in Portugal, Tiradia ensures that only ethically sourced cork is used for their items.  Home to the largest area of cork oak forests, or montados, Portugal produces about 50% of the world's cork production and is deeply committed to the protection and sustainability of the forests. The cork industry in Portugal is highly regulated, adhering to stringent sustainability values, and supports a centuries-old agricultural industry and a thriving ecosystem. As one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, cork oak forests are extremely diverse and the habitat to over 200 animal species and 135 plant species! Cork oak trees are an essential part of Portuguese culture, so much so that it is the national tree and has been legally protected and regulated since the 13th century. Cork harvesting is a trade that is passed down from generation to generation to guarantee systematic practices that preserve and protect the future of the trade and forests. Tiradia takes special care to create thoughtfully designed cork accessories that are ethically sourced and cruelty-free making them a staple in any eco-closet or green home. Ultra-lightweight and made to last, these cork pieces are the perfect fit for any sustainable lifestyle.

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