Our JEDI Initiative

Our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I) statement serves as a living document and guidepost for our team and community to create space for people who are underrepresented in our industry.

Our Acknowledgement

EarthHero acknowledges that there are inequities and injustices everywhere, including within the sustainable products industry. From structural racism to ability-based discrimination to environmental displacement, these inequities create obstacles to healthy communities and businesses. We acknowledge that the sustainable products industry amplifies these inequities by limiting the breadth of product offerings, perpetuating unjust product communications, excluding those who lack access to services that support a sustainable lifestyle, and not reflecting the broader community’s lived experiences. The disparities and lack of diversity that exist surrounding access and power in sustainability encompass more than just our company, but also our vendors, customers, and general stakeholders.

EarthHero also acknowledges that our own company is not yet reflective of the justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (J.E.D.I.) commitments we pledge here. As such, we embrace our J.E.D.I. Statement as a living document and welcome updates as we embark on this lifelong journey.

EarthHero acknowledges and respects that our home office and warehouse in Louisville, Colorado sits upon the traditional territory of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute), and Očeti Šakówiŋ (Sioux) peoples. As EarthHero aims to protect and care for this land, we honor those who have stewarded this space for thousands of years before us.

Our Role

Our mission is to make shopping sustainably so easy, everyone does it.

To that mission’s end, we work to foster an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming community for all individuals with limited power, limited access, and unique perspectives. This includes equitable access for all AAPI, BIPOC, Latinx, LGBTQIA+ peoples, genders, and disabled businesses as well as inclusion regardless of ethnicity, economic status, religious affiliation, and geographic location. With the online shopping experience we provide, the eco-friendly products and brands we feature, and the educational resources we create, we have opportunities to dismantle inequities that exist in the sustainable products industry by using our platform to celebrate and extend our service offerings to diverse voices.

As a sustainable goods marketplace that intends to be the go-to e-commerce retailer for a broader community of all backgrounds, we recognize our obligation to provide an accessible experience for and from all individuals, to advocate for just systems and policies, and to work towards a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive sustainable products industry.

Our Why

  1. We believe in fostering a welcoming and inclusive community, where everyone feels supported and heard.
  2. We promote health and wellness for all people and the planet through greater access to sustainable products.
  3. We believe in the power of environmental education that engages and supports diverse communities.

Our Commitments

Be an authentic, honest, and transparent company that leads with compassion, empathy, and action by advocating against injustice for an equitable sustainability movement.

Support diverse brands and widespread accessibility by sourcing products from minority-owned brands and actively removing barriers to engagement, such as but not limited to high cost.

Foster a safe, welcoming, and inclusive online shopping experience that uses thoughtful language, diverse representation, and cross-cultural products.

Educate our audience on the issues related to intersectionality, environmental racism, and discrimination within the sustainability movement, and provide resources for joint and sustained advocacy.

Continue to support diversity and inclusion within our own organization by cultivating equitable company policies as we scale, maintaining the EarthHero JEDI practices, and promoting an inclusive hiring process to reduce the barriers to entry and enhance employee wellbeing.

Our Vision

EarthHero works to make sustainable products accessible to everyone. We aim to do this by educating and supporting ourselves and the sustainability community, giving our customers the tools to minimize their environmental footprint, fostering an environment that is open to questions and learning, and creating a safe space for all people and identities. Together, we can make sustainable shopping so easy that everyone does it!

Our Current Initiatives

  • Reply to difficult customer comments, questions, and feedback with care, while not shying away from educating and advocating for our beliefs
  • Build a donation option for B2B orders
  • Foster a supportive volunteering culture to encourage collaboration with equity-driven organizations
  • Showcase nonprofit partners through a variety of marketing channels
  • Have monthly team meetings to address concerns, questions, and for general brainstorming
  • Remain culturally sensitive with sourcing to promote conscientiousness and positive impact
  • Showcase diverse brands and products through monthly marketing efforts
  • Offer regular feedback for overstocked items or slow-moving items to encourage timely and accessible sales
  • Source products with specific needs in mind, including diverse lifestyles, useability, and niche needs
  • Utilize the Community Experience Pillars in during every point of contact with our community.
  • Review and update the Corporate Gifting website to ensure inclusive language, images, and design
  • Ensure that our site is fully accessible and compliant to WCAG and ADA requirements
  • Continue utilizing an "inclusivity checklist" for DEI-compliant copywriting
  • Incorporate individualized messaging for new customers on packing slips to create a welcoming environment
  • Deviate from using generic product photos in terms of model selection, as well as products and scenes used
  • Implement a Resource Library on the website offering helpful tips for customers.
  • Create educational blog posts & newsletter on importance and impact of responsible corporate gifting
  • Host JEDI Trainings for all current and new employees with regular evaluation
  • Share content and education-focused marketing at least once a month on each channel
  • Educate and stay up to date on proper recycling practices and streamline packing material efficiency Creating content around niche products and educate on their purpose and function
  • Engage in weekly discussion regarding employee wellbeing, JEDI Topics, customer interactions, time off, and more.
  • Discuss bi-weekly how we are committing to obtaining each goal
  • Determine a cadence and amount of PTO as a monthly or quarterly expectation, and establish a system and culture of taking that time off
  • Commit to setup of cross departmental training
  • Share updates within Product and showcase progress on achieving intradepartmental inclusivity goals