Sophie la Girafe

May 25th - a celebrated day in France in honor of the Saint Madeleine Sophie Bara, founder of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Saint Sophie's mission was to educate children to be a source of transformation in the world. Almost 100 years later on May 25th, Sophie la Girafe made her first appearance. Maker, Monsieur Rampeau, first went into production with his toy and lovingly named her after the well-known Saint and changemaker.

When Sophie was first launched in 1961, there were no other exotic animal toys on the market. Children had only seen giraffes in storybooks or heard tales from their parents. Monsieur Rampeau, an expert in the Hevea tree, began using the natural latex from the trunk and molding it into the imaginative Sophie la Girafe figure. Since then, Sophie's design has not changed but her popularity has grown throughout the world!

Sophie la Girafe , Baby's First Toy

Sophie is the perfect teether for any baby. Designed to be your little ones first toy, Sophie's features stimulates babies' 5 senses: dark spots provide visual stimulation, the rubber is uniquely identifiable but non-toxic. This classic giraffe toy is soft to chew on and squeaks when squeezed, with a variety of angles to chew on to soothe sore gums. The colors and patterns encourage visual stimulation, while the flexible body encourages holding and grasping. Perfect for playtime, crib cuddles, traveling, and teething, this giraffe toy is the perfect buddy to tackle teething while encouraging skills development for any growing baby! We love the simple materials that makeup Sophie, just natural latex rubber and non-toxic water-based dyes. Over the years, Sophie has made some new friends too with the collection of products expanding to everything from teethers and tub toys, to bottles and pacifiers - all made from sustainable inputs like glass, silicone, and recycled paper. Your child can even celebrate her birthday with Sophie's Celebration kit or share mealtime with her on a bamboo plate and utensil set. This beloved giraffe is everyone's favorite (including ours) and we're so excited to showcase her sustainable features and giftable personality.

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