After seeing an allergic reaction to a bandage cause his son's injury to grow even worse, James Dutton knew there had to be a better way to treat wounds. He started digging into what makes up the typical bandage, learning that the chemicals that make up typical adhesives have been known to be harmful to human skin. He started experimenting with natural ingredients, and using nourishing additives that not only cover the wounds, but treat them‚ and that's how PATCH was born.

By utilizing a mineral-based pressure-sensitive adhesive in place of a traditional chemical adhesive, PATCH's bandages are safe for sensitive skin and free of the plastic, silicone, latex, and parabens you might find in other bandages. In fact, they're made exclusively from natural ingredients like 100% certified organic bamboo lyocell fiber and gauze, activated charcoal, coconut oil, and aloe vera, which makes them not only eco-friendly but also bio-degradable and compostable. Plus, they come packaged in recycled cardboard and paper, even further minimizing their potential environmental footprint.
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Soothing and Sustainable

Instead of relying on traditional chemical adhesives that can be full of toxins that irritate skin and make bandages tough to dispose of, PATCH utilizes a mineral-based pressure-sensitive adhesive that is safe for even the most sensitive skin. PATCH's bandages are also made primarily of 100% certified organic bamboo lyocell fiber with natural, simple, enrichments like activated charcoal, coconut oil, and aloe vera. Bamboo is chosen due to the fast growing nature of the bamboo plant, and the fact that organic bamboo is grown without pesticides or fertilizers. The lyocell fiber is even made using a closed loop process, reusing 99.5% of the organic solvent to break down the bamboo fibers creating a sustainable, plant based bandage! In addition to the thought put into the materials that make up the product itself, PATCH ensures their packaging is just as sustainable. Each bandage is individually wrapped in uncoated rice paper to ensure they're safe and sanitary. From there, bandages are packaging in a plastic-free cardboard canister. But what happens when you're done using the bandages, you ask? PATCH has thought about that too! They've done independent testing to verify that each bandage is 100% compostable - and are in the process of gaining their Industrial Composting Certification in Australia. Plus, the rice paper wrappers can easily compost alongside the bandages, while you can recycle the cardboard canister. If that's not enough to wow any eco-shopper, PATCHs focus on being good doesn't stop at the product level. PATCH and their parent company, Nutricare, are certified B Corps, which means they meet the same rigorous social and environmental standards that we do. The factory where each bandage is made in China is audited by BSCI to ensure strict ethical labor standards. In fact, PATCH has earned the B Corp title "Best for the World" meaning they're part of the top 10% of B Corps worldwide! PATCH also works to offset their carbon production through the organization Trees for the Future, having planted over 20,000 trees in 2019! In addition, PATCH supports initiatives like Young Veterans Mission, The Sea Sheppard Fleet, and Haiti Aid, by providing sterile medical resources.

Time Well-Spent

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