Founded in 2012 by husband and wife team Rachel Evans and Jesse Schiller, KOOSHOO created the first biodegradable hair ties! The yoga teacher couple wanted to create products that help others feel good‚ not just about their style, but also the products they use.

Where did the name KOOSHOO come from, you ask? KOOSHOO means feeling good in Norfuk, a language spoken only on Norfolk Island, a small island in the South Pacific. Both KOOSHOO's founder Rachel and their product developer Leilani are Norfolk Islanders, and felt that the word fits perfectly with their vision for the company.

KOOSHOO is dedicated to products that keep you feeling good - from the way they create their products to how it feels to use them. They want to celebrate you and your style, while being mindful of the earth.

Think Good, Feel Good

KOOSHOO estimates that American women spend $2.5 billion on hair ties each year. At $6/pack of 24 traditional hair ties, that's 550 hair ties produced each year! That's 20,000 lbs of elastic, the weight of a city bus, produced each day! The makers of KOOSHOO knew there had to be a better alternative and the first biodegradable hair tie was born. KOOSHOO uses GOTS certified organic cotton and responsibly sourced natural tree rubber to create their unique hair ties. Using organic cotton ensures that their products are not pesticide heavy nor synthetic, protecting you, the soil, and the farmers that grow the cotton. The benefits don't end there! In addition to making products from eco-friendly materials, KOOSHOO dyes their products with AZO-free, low impact dyes in a solar powered dye house in downtown LA, or at their Fair Trade manufacturing partner in India. Plus, they also use Forest Stewardship Council(FSC) certified paper for their packaging! KOOSHOO works closely with their manufacturing partner in India, which is a social good enterprise that empowers women in their community. Founded by nuns, this mission driven manufacturer pays employees a living wage, and also funds community programs like an HIV clinic, a cancer treatment center, and orphanages! KOOSHOO visits their partners quarterly to ensure safe and fair working conditions, and is also a SEDEX member, an organization that helps companies manage their performance around labor rights, health and safety conditions, ecology, and business ethics. In addition to taking responsibility for every step of their product's lifecycle, KOOSHOO also partners with Karma Teachers, a not-for-profit organization that offers yoga classes to homeless youth, autistic children, those suffering from eating disorders, and others that could benefit from a regular yoga practice.

Time Well-Spent

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