In 2005, Charley Friedman was working for a sail loft on the coast of Maine when his old leather wallet fell apart. Inspired by his surroundings, he sewed himself a new one from sailcloth scraps available at the docks. When family and friends began to take notice, Friedman built hundreds of prototypes as gifts, perfecting a lighter, stronger wallet made from recycled materials.

It was then that Flowfold was born, with humble beginnings in garages, filling small orders, all the while improving their designs and materials. In geology, the term flowfold describes layers of rock that fold smoothly over time without breaking. That word represents the strength of flexibility, and is the backbone of every Flowfold product today. Uniquely flexible designs allow their products to adapt to an ever changing world, just like the layers of rock that once inspired them.
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Celebrating everyday adventures

Textiles and sails have been hand manufactured in the New England region for generations. Drawing on the legacy of classic Maine craftsmanship, Flowfold products are born as prototypes, and are continually tested until they are more functional and durable than conventional alternatives. Flowfold is committed to their community and the planet, and want to make a positive difference for everyone through their products. Every Flowfold product is Made in the USA, supporting the local workforce and bringing quality jobs to communities nearby. They believe domestic manufacturing ensures healthier workplace conditions, resulting in higher quality products and a happier company. What sets Flowfold apart is their unique use of materials, from recycled climbing rope, to natural fibers, and of course their signature upcycled sailcloth. When choosing materials, they first consider what will offer the most durability and performance for each item. By rigorously testing each new material, they ensure only the best materials become Flowfold products. Then they focus on efficiency in production, constantly breaking norms in the industry in order to reduce waste, use less energy, and offer the most sustainable items they can. For wallets, recycled sailcloth has been Flowfold's preferred material. It was originally developed by Dimension Polyant for world sailboat racing and extreme windsurfing. This composite sailcloth with X-Ply is a laminate of waterproof mylar with durable inner matrices of polyester and aramid fibers (making it super strong!). Chosen for its strength-to-weight ratio, excellent resiliency, and unique pattern, this unique fabric can withstand years of abrasion and abuse from the elements, so it can definitely withstand your pocket. Not only does Flowfold break boundaries with their groundbreaking sailcloth wallets, but are incorporating new sustainable materials into upcoming products. Constant innovation has led them to use recycled Sterling rope, a choice climbing rope of mountaineers for over 20 years. Each Sterling rope is Made in the USA and inspected by hand. Any rope that doesn't make the cut is set aside, which is where Flowfold comes in. Instead of tossing valuable Sterling rope, they upcycle these pieces into dog leashes, bag handles, and more. By giving reclaimed rope a second chance, they mitigate the overall impact created by the material.

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