We all want what's best for our furry companions, but it can be tough to do right by them and the environment. That's where Chippin comes in. Founded by Haley Russell and Lauren Colagrande (with some help from their pups, Fisher and Wren), Chippin is a revolutionary dog treat company that crafts low-impact, hypoallergenic, and absolutely delicious cricket-based dog snacks!

See, our furry friends are responsible for 30% of global meat consumption. A single pound of poultry requires around 560 gallons of water while just one pound of beef needs closer to 2000 gallons! Add the fact that the U.S. meat industry is responsible for 36% of methane emissions (the second biggest contributor to climate change after CO2), and things start to get really environmentally UNfriendly. Water, land-use, and methane production mean our pups' food bowls are putting a big strain on our natural resources. That's not even including the detriment of corn and soy production, common fillers in dog food. So, what's Chippin's solution? A healthier, cleaner, and greener protein source: crickets!

Yep, like chirp, chirp crickets. Sourced from a small family-owned farm in Canada, producing one pound of Chippin's cricket flour only requires a single gallon of water. Cricket flour is also higher in Omega-3's and B12, and it contains more than TRIPLE the amount of protein than beef and chicken. Winner, winner, cricket dinner!
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