Getting outside and enjoying nature is integral to the human experience. Whether it's running on trails, biking on gravel, or skiing the backcountry, exploring the world outside is where many of us find refuge from the grind of daily life. However, much of the outdoor industry is riddled with supplies and gear that are at direct odds with the environment that we love so much and it can be difficult to reconcile the impact of such activities.

For those passionate about skiing and biking, maintenance goods like grease and wax are imperative for longer rides and smoother glides, but both leave environmental destruction long after the day's excursion is over. Fluorocarbon and carcinogen-filled ski and snowboard wax end up collecting in the lines we carve and running into local waterways with the snowmelt. Petroleum-based chain grease and lube travels from bike to trail, threatening surrounding ecosystems. Enter mountainFLOW eco-wax; the solution outdoor-enthusiasts and eco-adventurers have been waiting for!

Founded in 2016 by avid skier and former patroller, Peter Arlein, mountainFLOW's collection of ski waxes and bike goods are all plant-based, sustainably-made, and safely biodegradable without impacting quality. Working out of his kitchen in snowy Carbondale, Colorado, Peter created and tested over 200 formulations before arriving at one that rivaled generic petroleum-based options. From there, mountainFLOW has gone on to offer an array of waxes for every temperature and ski adventure as well as multiple products to help extend the life of one's bike!
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