The modern pencil has been around since 1795, and since then, not much has changed. That is, until Sprout created the world's first plantable pencil. Originally invented by 3 students from MIT in Boston, the Sprout pencil company was established in 2012 by Danish entrepreneurs Michael Stausholm and Jonathan Low. They started selling their innovative product in Denmark, when it spread rapidly, and became a staple in many European countries as well as North America. Today, Sprout is sold in over 60 different counties, bringing the magic and joy of eco-friendly plantable pencils to schools and offices across the globe. Plant a green mindset with Sprout plantable pencils!

Plant a Green Mindset

Classic pencils are made with wood, often harvested in non-sustainable ways that impact our forests, reducing CO2 sequestering and destroying habitats and animal biodiversity. But... Sprout pencils are different! Made from sustainably harvested and certified wood, they are crafted with the planet in mind. Plus, the core is made from lead-free clay and graphite‚ no chemicals or toxins allowed. And the magic of Sprout doesn't stop there! When you're done with your Sprout pencil, you can plant it to grow veggies, herbs, or flowers depending on which of 10 GMO-free seed capsules your pencil comes with. The biodegradable capsule on the stub can be easily planted in a small windowsill pot, transforming classic pencils into gardens after it's too short to use! Fun to use and easy to plant, these pencils are perfect for any school or office project on your horizon. Upgrade your supplies with the world's first plantable pencil from Sprout!

Time Well-Spent

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