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There's just something about the glow of a candle that's so calming and peaceful. For Rebecca Aghalarpour, a candle symbolized a little more than that. Every Sunday, Rebecca and her daughter had a ritual of lighting a candle, making a pot of tea, and baking together. That was‚ until Rebecca was diagnosed with breast cancer.

With the diagnosis, Rebecca started to remove possible toxins from her home‚ including her beloved candles. Traditional candles are full of petroleum, dyes, artificial fragrances, and animal byproducts, and she wanted to make her home as toxin free as she could. She eventually was able to go back to baking with her daughter on Sundays, but it just wasn't the same without the presence of the flickering candle light. Rebecca couldn't give up her special mother-daughter ritual, so she set out to find a better solution.

After months of research and hard work, Rebecca created Sanari Plant Based Candles. The name Sanari is a combination of the names of her two children, Aria and Sanam. Aria means Air and Sanam means Love, creating pure love in the air you breathe. Knowing that burning candles from organic essential oils is healthy and wholesome, her Sunday afternoon baking was filled with pure, healing, and beautiful light once again. To spread this light, Sanari gives 5% of retail sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, providing help and inspiring hope to those effected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support!
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Lighting The Way

Sanari Candle is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, through the highest quality organic and plant based products in the industry. That's why every part of the candle is eco-friendly, from the reusable glass jar to the plant based wax and organic essential oils. Everything is naturally sourced, meaning they turn to 100% organic coconut, and non-GMO soy wax with no pesticides or herbicides used at any stage in its cultivation. Their 100% unbleached cotton wide-wick provides a clean, pure, and long-lasting burn. Sanari works with farmers that are dedicated to incorporating green technology. Their farmers use less water for plant growth, utilize solar panels where possible, and are encouraged to use alternative fuels that reduce their carbon output. Every moment of these candles is special; from when you first light it, all the way to what happens after your candle burns down. All candles are individually hand poured into recyclable and reusable stemless wine glasses, so you can enjoy your moment for years after the candle disappears! Once the glass reaches the end of its life, you can recycle it‚ did you know that glass, unlike plastic, can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality? To package their candles, Sanari uses only 100% sustainable soy based inks and tree-free recycled paper. Lastly, the company gives back! The founder of Sanari Candle, Rebecca Aghalarpour, is passionate about helping women because of her own experience with breast cancer. With every Sanari candle purchased, 5% will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services!

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