Little Seed Farm

A proper skincare routine replenishes nutrients and restores vitality. In the same way, proper farming practices replenish nutrients and restore vitality to the environment when done correctly. That is the philosophy that helped Little Seed Farm become one of the most sustainable goat farms in the United States!

Meet husband and wife team, James and Eileen: founders of Little Seed Farm. This pair of ambitious entrepreneurs dreamed of moving out of the city and creating a lifestyle that would build sustainable traditions that would last for generations. After purchasing the Little Seed Farm's 84-acres of land, they quickly discovered that the previous owners had depleted the natural biodiversity of the grasslands. In addition, most goat herders in the area provided diets to their herds that were not conducive to optimal animal health. Driven by a mission to be different and operate with the planet in mind, James and Eileen implemented regenerative farming practices like rotational grazing that have helped the farm become as lush as ever in the last 10 years.

Little Seed Farm's first product line began when Elieen's grandmother requested a soap made of goat's milk to help heal her dry skin. That first batch grew to become their flagship product and the cornerstone of their sustainable and organic skincare. As they have expanded to include other products like baking soda and aluminum-free deodorant cream, body scrubs, and oils, each product is still meticulously concocted to work with the body's natural chemistry while gently protecting and nourishing the skin using the cleanest ingredients.

As their product line grows, they maintain their mission to cleanse, protect, and rejuvenate both people and the planet using simple and traditional soap-making methods!
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Gentle Skincare Made with Love

Little Seed Farm ensures only the best ingredients, packaging, and farming practices are used for their skincare, from the organic essential oils to their sustainably and humanely raised goat's milk sourced from their own farm! Every step is considered in the soap-making process so that each bar is great for skin and also conscious of the planet. The first step is the energy used to keep the farm running. Solar panels on the farm generate 100% of the electricity to reduce reliance on non-renewable resources to operate. For goat herding, Little Seed Farm keeps their goats happy and healthy by giving them consistent open-air and free-range of the Tennessee grasslands and never pushing them for milk production. Traditionally, herded goats are often treated as plant clearing grazers which means their diets can be filled with harmful weeds or even litter found in pastures. Little Seed Farm practices rotational grazing with their goats by moving the herd to a new portion of their 84-acre farm every 3-4 days to initiate natural grazing patterns. This keeps their goats on a fresh 100% grass-fed diet while keeping the grasslands lush. This process has replenished the biodiversity of plant species and the health of the soil over the last 10 years. Ingredients that are not sourced from the farm are organic and sustainably sourced to ensure products are free of GMOs and responsible farming practices are upheld throughout the supply chain. A commitment to sustainability doesn't stop at the clean ingredients. Each package not only features hand-drawn portraits of real goats from the farm but can also be either recycled or refilled. While paper products may be recycled, glass jars and bottles can be returned and refilled to encourage a circular economy!  Little Seed farm understands that glass recycling is not available in all communities, so they are proud to alleviate that barrier to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Little Seed Farm solidifies their dedication to animal welfare through their Leaping Bunny Certification. This 3rd party audit of their supply chain ensures that none of the ingredients they use are ever tested on animals. Grab a new soap bar, body scrub, or beard oil, and let Little Seed Farm show you what nature has to offer!

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