In 1989, Susie Hewson watched a documentary about the growing danger to human health and the environment due to dioxin pollution from pulping industries and the chlorine bleaching of paper products. Not only did this make Susie angry, but the unconcerned response of the international period hygiene brands made it worse. She immediately began researching the issue and developed an alternative that respected menstruators' bodies and our planet.

Out came Natracare the world's first alternative to conventionally produced menstrual products, including the world's first certified organic cotton tampons and totally chlorine-free sanitary pads and panty liners. Natracare is a small family-run business based in the UK, and today is the global leading brand of natural and organic menstrual and personal care products.

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The Sustainable Choice

This award-winning, ethical company is committed to offering safe and sustainable solutions for personal health care. From the materials to the processing, Natracare wants to make sure that users of their products don't need to sacrifice safety for functionality. All of Natracare's menstrual, incontinence, and baby care products use only organic and plant-based materials like organic cotton, wood pulp, and bioplastics from plant-based starches. Plus, their products are free from toxic ingredients found in conventional tampons and pads: plastic, polyacrylate superabsorbents (SAPs), petroleum derivatives, synthetic ingredients, latex, and perfume. In addition to putting the safety of our planet and bodies first, Natracare ensures that no animals are harmed due to the production of these products. Founder Susie Hewson is a dedicated vegetarian, so each Natracare product is free from animal testing (from the raw materials to finished product) and each product is certified vegan from the Vegetarian Society. Natracare products are also gynecologist recommended studies show that irritation, soreness, and itchiness can be attributed to nasty chemicals that are used in typical personal care products. By switching to natural, organic alternatives, many of these symptoms can be lessened or eliminated. That's why 67% of gynecologists in North America recommend switching to natural sanitary products. Plus, each product is biodegradable and can even be composted! Although we recommend checking with your local composter's guidelines regarding personal care products, we love that Natracare products aren't full of plastic pieces and chemical additives.

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