From the bath towels we use to the sheets we sleep in at night, people everywhere are realizing that their everyday purchases have a big impact on the planet. Knowing this, Grund (pronounced Gruunt in your best German accent!) began with the ambitious mission to change the world by inspiring others to live cleaner and better lives, starting with items for their home. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Mrs. Grund, who was living in Czechoslovakia at the time (now the Czech Republic and Slovakia), was inspired to create beautiful and useful staples for the home. With the help of her textile engineer husband, Jiri, they set out on a family mission to usher in the new age of freedom with earth-friendly options, starting with bath mats and eventually expanding to comfortable bedding, absorbent towels, and plush bathrobes. The family's entrepreneurial endeavor actually began with a discarded sewing machine in their grandma's bedroom and the family used the garage to store yarn and the backyard to dry their fiber creations!

Now co-headquartered in North Carolina, Grund products are inspired by the pristine beaches and comfort culture of the South. From neutral-toned reversible bath mats to rustic-inspired towel sets and luxuriously woven robes, Grund covers all the bases in offering families modern and minimalist essentials that honor the environment inside and outside their space. They focus on sourcing natural fibers like organic cotton to create products that are soft, durable, and gentle on the planet. With sustainability at the forefront of their business, Grund gives eco-conscious consumers a way to bring southern comfort into their lives at affordable prices and in styles suitable for any decor preference.
Prague Organic Cotton Jacquard Bath Towels
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Driven by a mission to elevate thoughtful consumption, Grund carefully monitors all stages of their production with an emphasis on sustainability and ethics. Beginning with carefully selected materials, Grund prioritizes quality and impact over cost and ease. All cotton in their rugs and towels (and bedsheets and robes!) are sourced from India, Portugal, and Turkey and are 100% OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified organic. Choosing organic is great for the planet because cultivating organic cotton uses as much as 91% less water than conventionally grown cotton. Plus, since organic cotton is pesticide and herbicide-free, families can rest assured knowing their linens are free of residual chemicals. Beyond the sourcing of material, Grund ensures a transparent and ethical supply chain within their manufacturing. Grund has been operating their own spinning factory to make their organic yarn since 1997. Maintaining their own factory also allows the company to monitor their waste and meet high eco standards. They're also a member of the Textile Exchange, a nonprofit that promotes material traceability within the textile industry and offers third-party accountability for companies. Cognizant of the rampant plastic usage in the shipping industry, Grund uses reusable and recyclable cardboard packaging and tissue paper only when needed. They encourage all customers to reuse, recycle, or compost their packaging to further minimize their eco-footprint and reduce landfill waste. For anyone looking to revamp their home at an incredibly affordable price, Grund offers the best good-for-the-planet options, with sophisticated essentials made from 100% organic cotton that is woven ethically and sustainably. With a variety of timeless designs, intricate patterns, and numerous colors to choose from, Grund is a go-to for earth-friendly home goods.

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