Founded on the premise that every consumer wants to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet, tentree fuses functional fashion with the power of giving back to create a business model unlike any other. As the name suggests, each tentree product supports the growth of 10 trees, and they have planted 24 million trees and counting since 2012!

Not only does planting trees restore biodiversity and natural ecosystem services, but it removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and creates a place for the local community to work, play, and become closer to nature. tentree ensures that all trees planted are local species with a functional purpose for that region. From planting sugar cane and moringa in Haiti to prevent water erosion, to recreating forest ecosystems in Ethiopia to promote agricultural work, they ensure that each site is carefully researched so that only the best trees are planted at each unique site.

Planting 15.1 million trees is no easy task that's why tentree has paired up with experts working on some of the most innovative planting projects in the world, moving beyond simply planting trees. From Brazil to Zambia, tentree projects provide long-term employment and supports the growth of local communities.