Little ones often explore the world by putting everything they find into their mouths and when it comes to crayons, a childhood staple, most generic options aren't always safe for taste-testing! In 2007, Honeysticks co-founders Luke and Will set forth to create a line of art supplies that brought the same level of fun as regular drawing tools, but with safer, more thoughtful ingredients. Based out of New Zealand's Southern Island, Honeysticks prioritizes local empowerment and artistry, driven by a core mission of bringing safe, creative play to kids in New Zealand and across the globe!

Conventional crayons can be challenging for tiny hands, leading to hand cramps and wrinkled foreheads. However, Honeysticks offers an array of sizes for their unique wax coloring sticks. From traditionally slim crayons for older kids to larger, chubby options for younger kiddos, each Honeysticks crayon is perfect for budding artists looking to color and doodle. Their variation in size also aids in the critical development of dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

It doesn't stop there, though. As an arts and crafts company, Honeysticks also offers an abundance of vivid watercolor paints, natural bath drops, and coloring books made from recycled content. With Honeysticks, creativity and imagination are boundless!
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Bee naturally creative

Crayons and other arts and crafts supplies are traditionally made with petroleum-based waxes and artificial colorants. Not only are these ingredients hard on the environment, but they're also not the safest material for kids. In contrast, Honeysticks' products are made with 100% pure New Zealand beeswax, sourced responsibly from the South Island. With no fillers, paraffin, synthetic colorants, or fragrances in their creative goods, they're an excellent choice for artists of all ages. Using beeswax not only offers a delightful floral scent but also makes creative time more eco-friendly! Beeswax is a renewable resource and totally compostable at the end of its life. Any "leftovers" in the crayon-making process are used for the next crayon batch, closing the waste loop. In addition to their natural ingredients, Honeysticks' also prioritizes plastic-free packaging for each of their products. That means everything from their crayons and watercolors is packaged using recycled or reusable materials. Each box of crayons is made with recycled cardboard and their bath drops, bath crayons, and watercolors are all housed in recyclable metal tins. Even their innovative bath crayons feature stone paper wrapping, a paper alternative that is low-impact, tree-free, and water-resistant! Plus, their coloring books are made with 100% recycled paper originally sourced from sustainable forests. Made with love by New Zealand's oldest crayon makers and craftspeople, Honeysticks' eco-friendly products support local artisans while emboldening little ones to create freely without causing harm to the planet.

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