ECOlunchbox wants to create change, starting with lunchtime.

A mom on a mission, Sandra Ann Harris, founded ECOlunchbox in 2009 after packing one too many lunches with single-use plastic bags and cheap plastic containers for her and her two children. Having researched plastics for years as an investigative journalist, Sandra decided to take a stand. She didn't want her children to be exposed to the harmful chemicals that are used to produce the petroleum-based products, especially the lunch containers she was sending with her children to school.

The solution came in the form of plastic-free, non-toxic products that are safe for people and the planet. With a collection ranging from food-grade stainless steel containers to artisan sewn lunch bags made from fair-trade certified textiles, ECOlunchbox is providing a healthier alternative and empowering families to make the world a better place–one lunch at a time.

In addition to the positive health and environmental impact of using ECOlunchbox products, families who make the switch will see a positive impact in their wallets. By making the switch, families save roughly $435 a year‚ the average amount of money a family made up of one adult and two children will spend on lunchtime packaging items such as plastic baggies, brown paper bags, and pre-packaged drinks and snacks. No matter how you look at it, ECOlunchbox is better for your family, the planet, and your wallet.

Sandra and her team hope that people who are motivated to reduce dependencies on plastic will start at lunchtime and pack their food in a healthy set of containers. With a range of storage containers, bento boxes, snack packs, and lunch bags, there's a solution for mealtime, no matter what's on the menu.

Plastic-Free, Waste-Free

From plastic cutlery to bags to plastic containers that only last a short period of time, lunchtime can easily become one of the most wasteful parts of the day! Not only that, but studies have shown that storing and cooking food in plastic containers can transfer some unwanted toxins into your meal as well. Would you like a side of BPA with that? ECOlunchbox understands that plastic-free products are better for oceans and our environment. Their products are made to provide the same benefits that you may get from traditional plastic containers, without the harmful environmental effects of plastic waste. Only 1% of plastic ends up getting recycled, with the remaining 99% ending up in our landfills and oceans. These plastic pieces can get trapped in the digestive systems of marine life, and can leach harmful toxins into our groundwater. By turning to silicone and food-grade stainless steel, they can offer a leak-proof, dishwasher safe product, without the harmful effects of plastic! Not only are stainless steel containers easy to clean, non-toxic, and durable, but it can also be indefinitely recycled, and is a very valuable recyclable commodity. To create a leak-proof experience, they turn to silicone for their lids! Silicone is much more durable and will last much longer than plastic, can be recycled, and does not contain BPA or BPS like plastic. ECOlunchbox doesn't just talk about their intent to make the world a better place, they measure their results in real-time. Annually, the company's product sales divert over 32 million pounds of trash that would have been generated from plastic use at lunchtime. This is equivalent to annually offsetting the CO2 equivalent of 6 million pounds of coal burned, driving 13 million miles in a car, or planting 58,000 tree seedlings. As a fellow B Corp, ECOlunchbox has also committed to upholding some of the most rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. ECOlunchboxes products have empowered tens of thousands of families to say good-bye to plastics at lunchtime and helped to safeguard our health and the planet.

Time Well-Spent

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