Nature First

Nature First was founded by entrepreneur Justine Potashnik and Ayurvedic nutritionist and Horticulturist, Noel Graupner, with the goal of establishing an ecological design platform that is both practical and educational. The idea for Nature First came when Justine and Noel were developing natural-dying organic linens in India and came across the soap berry. Used since ancient times, the soap berry's natural cleaning properties inspired the founders to begin exploring all that the soap berry could do.

After discovering a natural detergent in the berry, Nature First developed their first collection, Nature First. This collection served their need to develop a living relationship with the environment that allows humankind to borrow and return materials from Mother Earth without disrupting her cycles and rhythms.

As Nature First continues to pioneer a fully closed loop in all avenues of products they are producing, the world becomes a cleaner place, and so does your laundry room!

Mother Nature's Soap

With Nature First, it's all about embracing the connection between personal and environmental health, well-being, and dwelling. In the development of their first collection, Nature First, founders Justine and Noel wanted to ensure that all elements of their products were not just benefitting their consumers, but benefitting the Earth as well. With this in mind, they encountered soap berries, or "Mother Nature's soap" and the naturally occurring detergent that allowed Nature First to create a laundry pod that would borrow resources gently from the environment and return them without disruption. These laundry pods are everything you could ask for, and more! They are ideal for sensitive skin types, and are free from fragrances, dyes, and harsh synthetic toxins. The pods themselves are 100% biodegradable and compostable, anti-microbial, stain-removing, the list goes on and on. The Nature First collection was developed with everyone in mind, even Mother Nature! The eco-story doesn't stop with the product itself! On top of creating a natural, sustainable product, Nature First ensures each pack of Nature First laundry pods is packaged in compostable packaging. The bags are plant based and compostable, and created in a facility powered by wind energy. What's not to love? Finally, although Nature First is just getting started, they have plans to contribute a portion of proceeds to several foundations in the Himalayan region that support local communities that harvest the wild soap berries. These foundations help to provide income for individual families to become financially independent, and provide education on the environmental value of the region.

Time Well-Spent

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