The story of Albatross Designs begins with a deep passion for sailing and for the sea. In the world of sailing, the Albatross bird has long inspired sailors with its magnificence, and is widely considered to be a symbol of good luck. Albatross was founded on the ideal that if we give nature the respect it deserves, good fortune will follow. To the founders, sailing is a metaphor for the bigger picture. At sea, a sailor must respect the value of the limited resources that surround them such as food, water, and fuel. Also, a sailor must know how his boat works and how to fix it if it breaks.

The lessons and skills that are learned at sea turned into the philosophy that Albatross was built upon. With resource conservation in mind, the founders of Albatross looked to their design skills to create the lifestyle of the future by creating impactful sustainability solutions.

Shaving the world from plastic

There are an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean today. The founders of Albatross Designs are dedicated sailors who see the negative effects of plastic waste in our oceans firsthand. This is why their main goal is to reduce our plastic waste by replacing our everyday items with reusable and upcycled alternatives. Normal plastic shaving razors are typically used a few times and then get disposed of, adding more plastic into the waste stream. Albatross' flagship reusable safety razors are plastic free, and equal or higher in quality to any standard razor. Albatross razors themselves can last forever if well cared for, but blades do need to be switched out and discarded routinely. In order to manage this impact, Albatross Designs started a blade takeback program! When used blades are worn out and sent back to Albatross, they take this material and recycle it into their Take Back Ware silverware sets. By closing the circle in this way, Albatross Designs is succeeding in their goal of creating a product with potentially zero waste and no plastic waste. As much as we love a zero-waste company, we love a zero-waste company that inspires their community the most! To increase efforts to remove plastic waste from our streets and oceans, Albatross Designs started their own 'A Trillion Pieces of Plastic' campaign. The campaign focuses on inspiring people to pick up plastic waste that they see on the ground. Plastic waste that starts on the street or in a park will commonly make its way all the way to the oceans. Albatross Designs calculates that if just 14% of the population picked up 1000 pieces of plastic waste over their entire lifetime, we would remove over one trillion items of trash from finding their way into the oceans.

Time Well-Spent

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