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Years ago, longtime Canadian friends Natalie Farrell and Emilie Johnson decided to change their lives‚ starting with their bathrooms! They started simply, transitioning major bathrooms necessities like toothbrushes into items made from more natural materials. But they made a huge realization: their razors were part of the problem! Disposable, ugly (let's be real!), expensive, and made of non-renewable plastic materials, traditional razors were both wasteful and not practical for this new stage of their lives. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a better razor!

Farrell, a marketing consultant, and Johnson, a woodworker, came together to create a product that makes shaving a more enjoyable, and meaningful experience. They put their brains together, conducted research, and tested thousands of unique products to ensure they were finding the best and brightest alternative to conventional razors. And from there‚ well kept was born and blossomed!

Starting with the classic straight razor, a more sustainable, but inexpensive, way to shave, well kept has grown to include other bath and body essentials from exfoliating washcloths for pre-shave, to nourishing oils for post-shave irritation. Time taking care of yourself is always time well spent. Take care of yourself, and our planet, with the eco-friendly and ethical products from well kept!
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Dusty Rose Safety Razor
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Dusty Rose Safety Razor

well kept

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Black Safety Razor
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Black Safety Razor

well kept

$71.99 $81.99

Gourd Shower Loofah

Well Kept


A Plastic Free Alternative

Did you know that over 2 BILLION plastic disposable razors are thrown away each year in the United States? And nearly 100% of those will never be recycled instead sitting in our landfills (or worse, oceans!) for at least 200 years. That's a whole lotta trash for a single shave! Unlike the other guys, brand well kept is here to change how we shave, shower, and spa-day making it better for our bodies, and the planet. With straight razor handles made from beautiful and ethical solid brass, which can be recycled, and razor blades made from high quality steel (without being surrounded in plastic!), well kept's innovative bath and body products make it easier than ever to take care of yourself, without trashing the planet. The straight razor even gives you a closer, less-irritated shave‚ and over time, will save you money that would've otherwise been spent on way-too-expensive razor cartridges from the other guys. Plus, well kept uses 100% reusable or recyclable packaging materials, and adds no pesky plastic to their products (woop woop!). From all-natural ingredients to their shave soaps and nourishing oils, to smart design and packaging, they're working hard to redefine how we care for ourselves. One of our favorite initiatives from this innovative brand is their commitment to women's empowerment and body positivity, making things like body hair less taboo, and tackling self-care myths head on so women can feel great about themselves, and their bodies! Transform your shower, and transform your life with well kept.

Time Well-Spent

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