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An ideal yoga flow is one that is centered, mindful, and truly present. When working to achieve this sense of peace, we don't always take into account the mat on which we move, the materials it's composed of, or how it was made. Oko Living is on a mission to offer yoga enthusiasts the full experience, one that is built on tradition, ethics, sustainability, and whole-body wellness. Their gorgeous, hand-loomed and plant-dyed mats provide the perfect grounding surface for stretching, yoga, and meditation. Plus, they look simply lovely in the home, whether rolled up and stored or laid out on display!

Rugs are the original surface for practicing yoga and while many have moved to standard rubber or synthetic mat options, Oko Living is focused on preserving the ancient (and eco-friendly!) tradition of yoga rugs. Each one is made from organic cotton and hand-woven in India, the birthplace of yoga, by artisans who are continuing the local looming that has been done for generations.
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Healthy for you. Healthy for the Planet.

Oko Living mats are transforming the idea of what makes an eco and ethical yoga practice. To do this, they have put a strong emphasis on the materials that comprise their products and the experience of those involved in their supply chain. Each stunning mat and towel is handwoven from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, a durable and soft natural fiber that when cultivated organically means it's free of the harsh pesticides used in conventional cotton production. Growing cotton organically is hugely important when it comes to preserving and protecting the health of soils and waterways that are integral to the success of nearby ecosystems. Plus, it prevents exposure to toxic chemicals for those growing and harvesting the fiber. In terms of its use for yoga, Oko Living's organic cotton yoga mats boast a hypoallergenic, breathable, and absorbent surface for all forms of flowing and feature a non-slip backing made from natural rubber latex. They feature both vibrant and muted colors that are a result of natural, plant-based dyes like turmeric, neem, and holy basil. The process employs an ancient Ayurvedic method of dyeing textiles in a way that preserves the medicinal properties of each plant. This method prioritizes the purest ingredients and involves a mixture of plants, in contrast to other forms of natural dye that use one plant per color. Finally, in lieu of the heavy metals often found in generic dyeing, salt is the primary mordant that helps the color adhere to the fiber. With no synthetic colorants (the second largest pollutant of water!), the mats and towels are better for the skin and senses as well as the planet. Oko Living's attention to Ayurveda, the traditional system of Indian medicine, is another way that they use their products to pay homage to yoga's origin. Ayurveda is based around the prevention of disease and the promotion of wellness through herbs that keep the mind, body, and spirit in optimal balance. The botanicals used for the natural dyes are carefully selected by an Ayurvedic doctor and chosen for their skin-soothing and mind-relaxing traits. Finally, the weaving of each product is done in India by artisans who are part of a looming community that has lasted for generations. Oko Living has prioritized the ethical and respectful treatment of all of those involved in the production of their rugs and towels. This includes healthy working conditions and fair, living wages. With Oko Living, one can authentically elevate their yoga practice with attention and care for people, the planet, and ancient tradition.

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