Bunny Hopkins

Ever wonder why kids will sometimes prefer to play with a simple broom or box over an elaborate toy? That's what the founder of Bunny Hopkins thought during a family gathering. Inspired by the Steiner Waldorf system, the Montessori method, and the Open-Ended Play concept, he created Bunny Hopkins wobble boards, to offer children modern options for imaginative and agile forms of play. These incredible boards also support a child's sense of balance, which has been shown to improve concentration and bodily coordination as they develop and grow.

Bunny Hopkins' open-ended toys encourage little ones to lead with their curiosity and take part in analytical thinking and collaborative play. With these elegant boards, children's imaginations are unleashed and the possibilities are endless. Gorgeous and handmade, the boards have the potential to become an amusing slide, a boat in a roaring river, a rocking bed for a beloved doll, and so much more! Paired with the fact that these boards are made with all-natural birch wood and are manufactured entirely plastic-free in the USA, parents can feel great about what they bring into their home!
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