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Everyone's pet has that one toy they love more than anything else, but do you know what their prized possession might be made of? From petrochemical-filled chew toys to fabrics that degrade into microplastics, a whopping 99% of all pet products are made with plastic! With so few non-plastic options available on the market, it's challenging to find an eco-way to entertain our furry friends that doesn't risk their (or the planet's) health. That's where Boba&Vespa comes in!

Named after one of the co-founder's cats, Boba&Vespa is a brand that cares about your best fur-friend like their own. Employing only natural and organic materials like hemp and cotton, Boba&Vespa mindfully crafts their products to be safe for your pet and gentle on the planet. Plus, with their minimalist, modern designs and excellent materials, you'll be sure to love your furry companion's new favorite toy as much as they do! With Boba&Vespa, you can now delight your pet with toys they'll love that no longer sacrifice your sustainability values, or clutter your home with aesthetically gaudy colors and plastics!
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Stingray Catnip Cat Toy
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Stingray Catnip Cat Toy

Boba & Vespa


Hemp Pyramid Cat Toy

Boba & Vespa


Hemp Dog Bone

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Snake Catnip Cat Toy

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Cat Litter Bag Holder
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Cat Litter Bag Holder

Boba & Vespa

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Happy Pets, Happy Planet

From water bottles to single-use straws, so many of us avoid plastic for the sake of the planet and for our own health. Yet, the same things that affect us microplastics, petrochemicals, BPAs, etc. also affect our furry friends in the exact same ways. That's why Boba&Vespa's organic and natural materials are so exciting! By opting against polyester and instead selecting planet-friendly materials like hemp, jute, cotton, and more, Boba&Vespa's toys and accessories are healthy and safe for our furry pals to play with, chew, and destroy to their heart's content. Plus, thanks to their entirely natural composition, if they do get ripped up, they're easy to compost!  Their plastic-free commitment goes for their packaging too, what little of it there is. That's because most Boba&Vespa products come entirely without unnecessary wrapping or boxing. Your pet's new toys no longer have to come with additional waste or landfill-bound packaging. No plastic hangtag, excessive labels, or ocean-bound fasteners to worry about either! Boba&Vespa was founded to provide a plastic-free, pet-safe alternative to the synthetic-heavy toys and accessories on the market. They believe that it's a company's, not a customer's, responsibility to ensure their products are responsibly sourced, manufactured, and packaged. With Boba&Vespa's toys and accessories, your commitment to sustainability no longer has to exclude your furry friend!

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