A conscious and sustainable business that truly gives more than it takes‚ that's what Ecopiggy is all about! Founder and mama, Hayley Mete, recognizes that the choices we make affect the world we create. Hayley has dedicated her life to making sure families have safe and eco-friendly options when it comes to what they bring into their homes. As a natural entrepreneur, Hayley previously ran a yoga clothing company, an organic baby clothing company, and in 2007 after realizing she wanted to achieve the maximum impact in making the world a healthier place, Ecopiggy was born.

Since January 2008, Ecopiggy has focused on providing truly sustainable baby products to moms everywhere. From their signature pacifier made from natural rubber to amber necklaces that are sustainably tapped from Baltic trees, the Ecopiggy team is dedicated to finding healthy solutions for your family of little piggies.

Healthy Baby, Happy Parents

Based in Ashland, Oregon, Ecopiggy is as authentic as they come. The team (mostly mamas themselves) stand behind the materials and ingredients that go into their products to ensure they are safe for your little ones. They spend time researching best practices and put in the work to find brands that have your little one's health and safety in mind, while also making the planet a better place in the process. A win-win for everyone. Ecopiggy ensures that your baby is exposed only to BPA-free, toxin-free nurturing with their natural rubber pacifiers and teething rings. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic, rubber can be sourced from the rubber tree year after year for up to 25 years, until the tree stops producing sap! Ecopiggy also takes into account the traveling footprint of production, so they manufacture their rubber products at the source in Malaysia to cut down on the distance they have to travel. They work with other eco-friendly brands as well, including Rhoost and EarthPaint, to make it easier for parents to shop and care for their family's sustainably. Rhoost uses natural bamboo for their baby care products, and EarthPaint makes it safe and easy to have fun with their gentle, organic face paints! Ecopiggy's collections are inclusive of various parent lifestyles, and their products can grow with your family. From their pacifiers, which offer both rounded and ortho nipples, to their non-toxic face paint, you can trust that this brand will support your family's lifestyle at all ages.

Time Well-Spent

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