Delicious drinking water but make it completely plastic-free! Generic water filter systems often involve large, clunky pitchers and an abundance of plastic filters that must be disposed of and refilled every few months. This means clean, fresh-tasting water comes at the cost of the planet, with unnecessary plastic waste. And that doesn't taste so great!

Tired of throwing away her own filters, Judith Bershof, founder of Kishu, decided to dig deeper to find a sustainable solution and that was when she came across the incredible potential of charcoal!

Activated charcoal is used in most filter systems today, but is often encased in plastic. Kishu brings the simple solution directly to the water: a small piece of charcoal that is made from oak branches that have been sustainably harvested...and fired by artisans in Japan. The branches are transformed through a heating process to become a hard, glass-like material that when put into water, reduces the presence of lead, mercury, copper, aluminum, uranium, and molybdenum -- heavy metals that one does not want in their drinking water! In addition to removing harmful toxins, charcoal also imparts essential minerals into the water including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The best part is that after being used for four months, instead of being thrown away, it can be composted or enjoy a second life as a refrigerator deodorizer or as drainage for house plants.

With Kishu, clean drinking water is as easy as drop, drink, sip!
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Drop. Drink. Enjoy!

Filtering tap water is a daily routine for many, and there are a number of different filtration systems on the market. However, most of these filters are accompanied by an abundance of plastic. Kishu offers a sustainable option for clean, filtered water without the added plastic. Kishu works with artisans in Japan to ensure only sustainably harvested oak branches are used for their charcoal filters. These artisans have been using and passing down the unique process of creating activated charcoal for generations. Once harvested, the oak branches are put into a special outdoor kiln where they are closely monitored to maintain 1000 degrees for proper carbonization. After multiple days in the high-heat oven, the branches turn into hard, glass-like material of activated charcoal -- that's full of detoxifying properties! This charcoal is then cleaned to remove the protective ash, hand-cut into the Kishu filter sizes, boiled to clean again, and then heat-sealed into a¬† compostable sleeve! Special care is taken by Kishu to make sure the entirety of the filter, including the packaging, is biodegradable and...thoughtfully sourced. They selected a paper that is FSC Certified, SFI Certified Sourcing, and Rainforest Alliance Certified to make the outside packaging. Inside the box, the filter is protected with a clear sleeve made from wood pulp that is compostable through industrial composting facilities. They made sure that with each new filter replacement, a minimal amount of waste would be created, something that is in direct contrast to the status quo of most filters. While the compost is a super acceptable end of life for one's used charcoal filter, there is a slew of other options for those looking to extend its use! Activated charcoal is also an excellent deodorizer, which means it does wonders at mitigating unwanted scents when added to a refrigerator. In addition, the charcoal stick can operate as a drainage for indoor house plants. Simply place at the bottom of a pot, cover with soil, and plant roots will stay properly hydrated without any rot. Finally, the charcoal stick can also be crushed and turned into biochar for the garden. Adding this ‚black gold‚Äù, as some call it, will help improve water absorption, boost soil fertility, and act as a filter that helps detox the soil just as it did drinking water. From the packaging to the actual charcoal stick, Kishu creates the perfect plastic-free filter to keep your water clean and delicious!

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