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Ever wash your activewear just to have them emerge as smelly as they were when you first put them in? You try adding more or stronger detergent with the expectation of cleaner clothes only to be disappointed with the lingering smells and stains. Most laundry detergents available today claim to fight odor or offer powerful stain removing technology, but ultimately fail to be effective! What's worse? These detergents are packed with hazardous petroleum-based chemicals and intense fragrances that are harsh on our clothes, our bodies, and the planet. In the United States alone, about 40 billion loads of laundry are washed each year with conventional detergents that threaten water systems and local ecosystems. There needs to be a detergent that can handle tough stains and lingering odors, but made with clean and natural ingredients that are safe for clothing, people, and planet. Dirty Labs has done just that!

Dirty Labs was founded by Dr. Pete He and David Watkins who together have extensive backgrounds in designing, innovating, and developing home and personal care products. They started Dirty Labs to make a difference in the cleaning industry, starting with dirty laundry. After years of researching and developing with a team of chemists and environmentalists, they created Phytolase, a unique enzyme-driven formula that is biobased, biodegradable, and safe for the environment. Consciously formulated, their detergents are free of dyes, sulfates, parabens, all California Prop 65 chemicals of concern, and all EU-listed fragrance allergens. This means Dirty Labs is strong enough to clean stubborn stains and odors while also being safe and gentle enough for babies and those with sensitive skin.

It's time to get your dirty laundry clean with the safe, sustainable, and nature-based detergent from Dirty Labs!
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Cleaning up the dirty laundry industry

Dirty Labs is on a mission to clean up the laundry industry by creating a sustainable, biobased cleaning solution that is rooted in nature and backed by science. From the ingredients to the packaging, they are determined to make a detergent that is as easy and gentle on clothing and skin as it is on the planet. Dirty Labs has formulated a detergent with ingredients that are sustainably sourced and extracted from nature or natural processes. As a USDA Certified Biobased Product, the detergents from Dirty Labs have been verified and third-party tested to be 97% biobased. The detergents have even received the EPA's Safer Choice Recognition signifying that their products contain ingredients with more positive human health and environmental characteristics than similar conventional products. Dirty Labs created Phytolase, a unique enzyme-driven and biobased cleaning technology that uses natural enzymes instead of toxic chemicals to get the cleaning done. Just like in nature, these enzymes target specific types of stains and break them down into simpler, water-soluble components that are easily lifted from fabric and washed away. No more washing clothes only to find the stains moved from one sleeve to the other! In addition to enzymes, Phytolase utilizes the power of plant and sugar-derived surfactants. Together, they clean a full spectrum of stains leaving no trace of dirt or odor behind. To provide a truly clean and sustainable laundry detergent option, Dirty Labs also emphasizes the importance of earth-friendly packaging, a rare find in the world of liquid detergents. They chose aluminum bottles and caps for their infinite recyclability. The measurement cup is made with food-grade silicone making it a durable and reusable option that can even be thrown in with your clothes to keep it clean in between uses. Finally, Dirty Labs intentionally designed a hyper-concentrated detergent, so as to reduce the size and volume of their packaging and shipments. This means more efficient shipping with fewer trucks needed to transport, less fuel used, and therefore lower emissions!

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