Humans are biologically drawn to nature, and we often want to bring a little bit of that nature into our homes, our workplaces, and our yards. But, ironically, not everything that we give to our house plants is actually good for the environment. Three San Francisco professionals realized this while working on a soil health project, and set out to clean up the garden soil industry. Toss aside the synthetic fertilizers and peat moss, and replace it with plant products that are made to both reduce and absorb carbon emissions!

DEN is a small business created in 2020 that envisions a more natural way to take care of our plants. The potting mixes and plant food from DEN are made with a unique carbon negative material including sequestered carbon made from landfill-bound organic waste. Created to inspire sustainable planting, DEN designs revolutionary plant products for all eco-conscious plant lovers to enjoy!
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Sustainable Soils

DEN product design is rooted in sustainability. From their ingredient mixtures, raw material sourcing, and compostable packaging, each DEN product is a step up from the traditional garden soils you'll find elsewhere. Ingredients: In 2018 alone, a whopping 15% of total US carbon emissions was created from the organic waste breaking down in our landfills. DEN has partnered with a company called OurCarbon‚Ñ¢ to put some of that waste to good use. OurCarbon, is a carbon-rich biochar material made from organic waste that's been diverted from landfills. The OurCarbon‚ process uses net zero energy and locks carbon bonds in place, preventing them from breaking down and being released into the atmosphere. Other materials that are used in DEN's plant products, like kelp and tree waste, also naturally sequester carbon through photosynthesis. DEN is finding smarter, safer ways to make plant soil. For example, most conventional potting mixes include peat moss as a key ingredient. Peat bogs, left untouched, act as a carbon sink. They hold large amounts of carbon in the ground, preventing t it from escaping into the air. Harvesting peat moss, on the other hand, releases a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the air by cutting a hole through the natural barrier. DEN products contain a substitute called Fir Bark, which holds soil moisture, just like peat moss, and is a waste material sourced from local FSC certified logging companies, so it has the lowest carbon footprint possible. Plus, all of the ingredients used in DEN products are sourced locally, all within a 500 mile radius of their San Francisco headquarters. This enables them to support small local businesses and avoid a lot of travel emissions. Packaging and Shipping: Speaking of emissions, all of DEN's plant products are shipped carbon neutral to their customers and resellers through a partnership with an organization called South Pole. Recent carbon offset projects include native forest regeneration in Australia, and reforestation in the lower Mississippi river area right here in the US! DEN also considers where each of their product's packaging ends up when you're done using it. That's why all of DEN's packaging is both plastic-free, and biodegradable! These sustainable plant products come in two types of packaging, including paper bags made with Sustainable Forest Initiative certified paper, and plastic-free cardboard tubes that are reusable, recyclable, and compostable. The paper bags have a plastic-free, bio-based liner that will break down in a backyard compost pile, and the tubes include a compostable label made from sugarcane fibers. Giving Back: DEN demonstrates their values not only through their sustainable business model, but also in their community support and involvement with environmental education. DEN gives back to their community by donating their soil products to local farming communities and parks departments. DEN is also partnering with educational initiatives, like the Fibershed Learning Center, to spread knowledge about carbon farming and the significant role that soil plays in our ecosystems.

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