It's time to empower the sex-positive beings we are! In the pursuit of pleasure and unabashed sexual confidence, come condoms for everyone, including lovers of the planet. Lovability was inspired by the shyness that many feel when purchasing sexual protection. They recognized that this very necessary task often brings about awkwardness and discomfort since many people don't want to put their intimate lives on the checkout counter. Motivated to challenge this way of thinking, Lovability created a product that prioritizes sexual health and embraces self-love with respect for both the body and the environment.

Lovability believes that sexual protection should be accessible, fun, and beautiful. They foster each of these requirements by encouraging everyone to feel pride in their sex life by taking protection and wellness into their own hands. With body-safe and eco-friendly condoms from Lovability, gone are the days of shame and anxiety around being prepared. Effective contraception doesn't have to be packaged with in-your-face, aggressive, or traditionally male-oriented designs. Instead, condoms can now live in a discreet, embellished, and reusable tin that can be tossed in a purse or adorn a bedside table (and will keep anyone second-guessing what's inside!).

When the time comes to be more intimate, the packaging also features an easy-open and always right-side-up design that eliminates anxiety and dependence while boosting competency and relaxation. Plus, natural rubber that's free of spermicide, dyes, fragrances, or other potentially irritating ingredients means those with sensitive skin can breathe a sigh of relief. As a result, sex is more pleasurable for both partners. As both components of the packaging are recyclable and leave minimal waste, these condoms allow you to love yourself and the planet at the same time. With more power over our own sexual health, comes more confidence to take charge and live unapologetically authentic, happy, healthy, and loving lives.
Natural Latex Condoms



Sexual Health and Happiness

Lovability was created with everyone in mind, by women who wanted to take back the notion that condoms were made for some people and not all people. They've worked to inspire and empower others to prioritize their sexual health and wellness. By using ingredients and materials that are better for our bodies and for the planet and designs that put an end to embarrassment, they encourage strength, confidence, and freedom in the bedroom. Their body-safe condom begins with all-natural, vegan, triple-tested, and FDA-approved materials. The natural rubber latex comes from a farm-to-factory rubber plant in Malaysia which ensures that the very best is used for their primary material. The condoms are made fresh from local rubber trees. Fresh latex means no harsh smell or nasty taste, just a clean feel and odorless experience. A hypo-allergenic, silicone oil is added to provide a long-lasting lubricant of the highest grade while natural cornstarch and magnesium carbonate powder are used for the coating. The cornstarch helps keep the latex from sticking to itself, making it easier to unroll. The magnesium carbonate powder improves the tensile strength of the natural latex rubber for all-around optimal protection. All of these ingredients are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, animal by-products and are never tested on animals. No dyes, fragrances, detectable nitrosamines, casein, spermicide (nonoxynol-9), PEGs (polyethylene glycol), or numbing agents (benzocaine) are used in the making of these condoms. A massive upgrade from traditional options on the market! The Buttercup packaging features an easy-open and always right-side-up design to eliminate ripped condoms and to keep the guesswork out of which way is up. The reusable aluminum tin is packaged in a 100% recycled paper box that can easily be recycled with any curbside paper collection. Inside, each condom is individually wrapped in a recyclable polypropylene cup that can also be added to curbside pickup with standard recycling facilities. Lovability shows we can be sex-positive and eco-friendly at the same time!

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