Tanya and Marco are an entrepreneurial minded husband-wife duo who had worked for big corporations their entire lives. They'd always wanted to start their own business, and after moving to the U.S. from Europe and eventually becoming empty nesters, the two began to research business models. Most of the advice they found was about starting a business with profit, not passion, as the top priority.

The couple tossed that advice to the wind and took a risk on something they're both passionate about: linen! Marco and Tanya are from Italy and Belarus, where linen is a traditional good. Understanding that linens in the U.S. usually refer to a category of household goods rather than a material, Tanya and Marco call themselves linen evangelists and strive to share the glory of high quality linen with their consumers.

Lovin' on Linen

LinenCasa produces high-quality linens in Belarus with locally grown flax plants, which are then turned into thread and woven into the desired shape. The entire product is plant-based and free from synthetic materials, and most of their products are made from linen fabric that is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Unlike cotton linens, there's no need for the use of fabric softeners and harmful chemicals during production. These linens are lint-free, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial, making them more durable than synthetic materials and resistant to the moldy smell towels sometimes get. LinenCasa's method of stonewashing utilizes natural proteins and cellulase, using less water, waste, time, and machinery than traditional methods. Stonewashing softens the linens and increases their absorbency powers, making them a perfect do-it-all material for the home! Their towels and napkins are a perfect alternative for single use paper towels due to their absorbent qualities and ability to be easily machine washable. (Not so fun fact: Did you know paper towels can't be recycled, and result from cutting down over 110 million trees per year?)

Time Well-Spent

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