Steeped Coffee

The hunt for sustainably grown, ethically-sourced coffee ALSO featured in single-serve, eco-packaging is over! Typically, single-serve coffee means expensive machines, low-quality taste, and one-time use pods. From 2009 to the present day, enough of these coffee pods were sold to wrap around the Earth 130 times. Since they are made from hard to recycle plastic, these popular pods were also destined for the landfill. When it comes to making a single cup of coffee, options are limited and often leave behind a wake of environmental destruction. This dilemma troubled Josh Wilbur, founder of Steeped Coffee, so he set to work turning his dream of more thoughtful brewing into a reality.

Josh engineered the perfect cup of coffee with Steeped's specialty Breakwater Blend that employs only organic and fair-trade beans. Each small batch is hand-roasted in Santa Cruz, CA and nitro-sealed to ensure top-tier taste and unprecedented flavor. This rich, French-roast style coffee is delivered in a single-serve, guilt-free compostable pouch that contains a patented filter bag made from plant-based, compostable materials. The filter allows for maximum flavor without any risk of loose or escaping grounds. For the eco-minded coffee connoisseur, Steeped Coffee offers quality coffee at home or on the go. Convenient, sustainable, and delicious!
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Making Quality Coffee Accessible

From the beginning, Steeped Coffee has worked diligently to create the best cup of coffee in the most convenient and thoughtful way possible. What they created was a quality cup of ethically sourced, organic coffee that is nitro-sealed for freshness and that comes in compostable packaging. The Breakwater Blend shines with its careful coffee bean sourcing. Employing only Fair Trade Certified beans is imperative when looking for a morning cup that is conflict-free. Coffee farming is a risky endeavor that oftentimes leaves a farmer struggling to negotiate a fair price for their harvest. Fair trade standards are based on three pillars of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental. First is setting economic standards to ensure everyone in the process is receiving an equitable distribution of the sale, particularly the farmers. This process requires traceability and transparency allowing for the best deal to be negotiated with the farmer and bringing them closer to earning a standard living wage. The next focus is on social benefits, which means protecting workers with a safe and non-exploitative work environment with an emphasis on no child labor, discriminatory practices, or forced labor. The final pillar aims to minimize the impact of production on the environment. These standards encourage environmentally sustainable farming practices such as banning the use of harmful pesticides and GMO seeds, incentivizing organic cultivation, and protecting natural resources and the unique ecosystems where the coffee is grown. Along with its fair trade certification, the coffee in the Breakwater Blend is also USDA Certified Organic. This important certification provides confirmation that the coffee has followed strict supply chain management and quality control from tree to cup. It ensures the growers are following standards impacting everything from the health of the soil to the effect on the surrounding environment. A cup of coffee made with organic beans also means there is no use of GMO crops, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, or synthetic preservatives. Steeped Coffee uses this certification to help verify a sustainable agriculture system that produces food in harmony with nature, supports biodiversity, and enhances soil health. We think the coffee tastes better, too! Each element of the Steeped Coffee packaging utilizes every known innovation available when it comes to preserving the coffee's quality and freshness while also prioritizing sustainability. The Steeped bags are composed of the Full Immersion Filter, string, and tab. Made from food-grade, non-GMO, plant-based materials, this filter is customized to work specifically for the Steeped method of brewing coffee. The packets are constructed with the patented and groundbreaking flexible film which is certified compostable through industrial composting facilities and printed with zero VOCs, making it the perfect packaging for a quick cup on the go. Steeped is not stopping here and they are always working to improve their packaging, sourcing, and general impact on the environment and hope to one day only leave an actual footprint in the coffee field.

Time Well-Spent

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