The creators of GreenPolly are the same minds behind the company BioBag‚ after starting a great line of compostable bags, these creative environmentalists recognized that the majority of people don't have access to commercial composting. Because compostable materials don't decompose properly in landfills, and the breakdown of plant-based waste can lead to increased methane emissions, they looked for an alternative sustainable waste management system.

GreenPolly recognizes that we still need to send some waste to the landfill‚ so why not do it in a way that doesn't require more resources to do so. Say hello to the future by saying goodbye to those extracting fossil fuels for single-use plastics!
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A Choice for a Better Earth

GreenPolly is striving to make a difference in the world of single-use plastics. Did you know that the US creates 34 million tons of plastic every year and only 10% of that is recycled? The founders of GreenPolly knew that and they wanted to change that statistic. That's why their trash, recycling, and pet waste bags are made with 80-90% recycled plastic that has been diverted from landfills. The other 10-20% is green plastic made from sugarcane. On top of that, all bags are packaged plastic free in completely recyclable, paper-based boxes. GreenPolly lays out the steps to living a sustainable life, in what they like to call the 5 Rs. They're updating the classic Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to take a more holistic approach to living green by including Refuse and Rot! They're asking customers to refuse single-use plastics and unnecessary waste, and compost as much waste as you can‚ let carbon be carbon and return to the soil to fertilize the next living thing!

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