Honey Candles

Lighting a candle instantly provides a peaceful and cozy atmosphere in any room. With beeswax candles, the warm hues of the wax create a golden glow that envelopes the space while the subtle sweet honey scent contributes to a comforting environment. As one of the most eco-friendly waxes, the simplistic style of Honey Candles will naturally brighten your life in a sustainable way.

Second-generation owners Alecia and Stephen are on a mission to continue a family tradition of providing pure beeswax candles sourced responsibly from Canadian beekeepers. After Alecia and Stephen took over ownership in 2016, they've continued the tradition of their family-owned business of maintaining a dedication to offering the cleanest burning candles for the last 20 years. Nestled in the mountains of British Columbia, each candle is handcrafted using pure locally-harvested beeswax and natural fiber wicks to ensure only the best for your home.

With Honey Candles, you'll be breathing easy knowing you've made a healthy choice for your home and for the planet.

Experience. Pure. Elegance.

Honey Candles hopes to fill your home with the warm glow of a pure beeswax candle without waste or harm to the environment. Conventional candles are often made with paraffin, a byproduct of petroleum that releases soot and other emissions into the air when burned. Honey Candles sources their wax from responsible beekeepers in Canada to maintain the local farming culture and support healthy bee populations. While soy and coconut wax candles are other alternatives to paraffin, the harvesting of these crops can create stress on farmland. However, harvesting beeswax from hives supports the health and population growth of the hive! Any candle that is made of at least 51% beeswax can be considered a beeswax candle. Honey Candles takes this a step further by using 100% pure beeswax for their candle bases. For the few candles that boast a vibrant color, non-toxic vegetable dyes that are never tested on animals are used. If that wasn't enough, the candlemakers ensure all the wax is triple filtered to remove any impurities. What's left is a clean-burning candle that burns longer and helps clear toxins from the air by binding to impure particles and weighing them down! The Honey Candles team works to reduce waste in every aspect of their business. All products are shipped with minimal plastic-free packaging, with only recycled cardboard being used for a few products when necessary. Any packaging materials used are sourced locally to reduce their carbon footprint even further. In-house, Honey Candles implemented a recycling low waste initiative that has reduced production of trash to less than 10lbs a week for their workshop and office combined! From sourcing the wax to the last flicker of the wick, their products are the perfect addition to any zero waste home.

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