We've all been there -- you're lying in bed after a long day and your brain refuses to shut off. Racing thoughts, tense muscles, and anxiety that you're not yet asleep! Sleep is imperative for the optimal functioning of our bodies and brains and when we don't get enough of the deep kind, we're left sluggish and more prone to stress and irritability. That's where Baloo comes in -- the natural and oh-so-comforting solution for sleepless nights or moments of anxiety. Their weighted blankets are made with lead-free glass microbeads and soft chemical-free cotton, offering the perfect amount of stress-relieving pressure that soothes the nervous system and promotes a sense of calm and ease.

In 2017, Baloo founder, Elizabeth Grojean, quit her corporate job and booked a one-way flight to Bali. Burned out and confused about what her next steps should be, she took this time to revisit who she knew herself to be, sans job title and responsibilities. Upon returning to her home in NYC, refreshed and rejuvenated, Elizabeth quickly realized that her previous way of life was not going to cut it. Driven by the ambition of working for herself, she began to research weighted blankets and was blown away by their unique ability to bring balance to people's lives. From there, she launched Baloo Living, and a new era of thoughtfully designed, sustainably, and ethically made weighted blankets was born!
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Honoring Natural Health & Balance

Baloo has placed a huge emphasis on sourcing and employing only the very best materials for their blankets and duvet covers. Most weighted blankets available on the market use synthetic materials such as polyester in their lining and filling. Not only does this material offer a lackluster and scratchy feeling, but it's also derived from petroleum and can shed thousands of microplastics during its lifetime. Baloo is the only quilted weighted option that boasts 100% chemical-free cotton throughout, with zero polyester lining or filling. Each blanket is filled with glass beads which are denser and less bulky than poly pellets, but promote the same (if not better!) feeling of deep relaxation. Baloo also offers a child-sized weighted throw, beautifully dyed with plants like indigo, mahogany leaves, and bamboo and clover. Their duvet covers and sheet sets are comprised of the highest quality stonewashed French flax linen, a resilient and versatile crop that uses far less water than cotton. Plus, all of Baloo's products are certified vegan through the Vegan Awareness Foundation. A commitment to planet and people is a core value of Baloo's. The brand is a proud member of both the NYC Fair Trade Coalition (NYFTC) and the Ethical Brand Directory, two grassroots organizations that support ethical and sustainable manufacturing in the fashion and textile industries. Plastic packaging is all-too-common in the shipping of textiles, clothing, and homewares and Baloo has been hard at work phasing out all plastic in their shipping materials. Each blanket now arrives in a reusable dust bag, offering a protective and eco way of storing one's weighted blanket when not in use. Finally, Baloo is a carbon-neutral and ocean-positive company, partnering with Sea and Trees by Sustainable Surf. Sustainable Surf is on a mission to restore previously threatened ecosystems like the mangrove forests on Biak, Indonesia, and kelp forests on the coast of California. These communities of organisms have the ability to sequester more than five times the amount of carbon than tropical rainforests, making them integral to the slowing of climate change. For optimal comfort and relief from anxiety or stress, dive under a Baloo weighted blanket and relish in a sense of calm knowing your blanket not only brings you peace but was made with the environment and its inhabitants in mind!

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