Baxter Wood

When it comes to sustainable living, oftentimes one of the most difficult areas to overcome is footwear. The mass market of sneakers, shoes, and boots consists of options made from synthetic materials in styles intended to be discarded and replaced over and over again. However, with the introduction of Baxter Wood, an innovative and green fashion start-up, our eco-options for boots have expanded!

Centered around the idea of creative uncreation, Baxter Wood is challenging consumers to rethink their expectations and assumptions when it comes to mainstream apparel and accessories. One of their starring products is an elevated, eco-twist on the classic Chelsea boot. A timeless staple in every closet, their minimalist boot is waterproof, fashion-forward, and best of all sustainably and ethically made.

Baxter Wood was founded in 2018 after creators Kweku Larbi and Sarah Smith visited Kweku's hometown in Ghana and were astounded by the accumulation of plastic waste all around them. Their love of fashion and desire to ameliorate plastic pollution inspired them to create an intricate yet minimalist accessory line with eco-conscious materials, starting with post-consumer plastic water bottles and delving into consciously sourced natural rubber. The name Baxter Wood'' actually came to Kweku in a dream and he and Sarah later discovered that it was also the name of a nature reserve in Maine. Soon after, Baxter Wood was born and the eco-revolution fueling their fashion brand began!
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Create, Consume, Uncreate

Did you know that 70% of rubber is synthetic and that most rubber boots are made with petroleum-based materials? One problem with the production of petroleum derived rubber is the soot that it produces. This unfortunate byproduct is then emitted into the environment and can lead to respiratory problems when inhaled. That's definitely not something we want from the boots we wear! Each Baxter Wood boot is instead made with Hevea rubber, which, in contrast to petroleum derived options, is non-toxic and biodegradable at the end of its life. Natural rubber is derived from the Hevea tree and is harvested from the milky sap, or latex, that coats the inside of the bark. Baxter Wood is truly changing the shoe game when it comes to their waterproof boots, employing only rubber that's sourced from FSC-certified plantations in Sri Lanka. Sourcing from certified sustainable forests is hugely important because it ensures habitat and community protection for nearby areas. The company's products are also ethically made in strategically chosen factories. Each one is selected based on proximity to the largest natural rubber farms on the planet and the highest producing PET facilities, ultimately minimizing transportation emissions during each step of the manufacturing process. Should your boots ever require replacing, they won't sit in a landfill for hundreds of years. Instead, Baxter Wood offers an incredible recycling program, Recycle with Baxter, where they repurpose old raincoats and rain boots (even from other brands!) with the goal of keeping them out of the landfill and of use in another, innovative way! The coats and boots are processed and shredded in Michigan and then transformed into beautiful playground turf, athletic punching bags, and even improved roads! In addition to their commitment to sustainable sourcing, ethical creation, and thoughtful disposal practices, Baxter Wood places a strong emphasis on solving the very environmental issues that sparked their brand's creation back in 2018. Aiming to encourage and empower others to take action towards environmental change, they have chosen to donate 10% of their company profits to support sustainably-focused education programs in Ghana. From their ethically sourced materials and planet-first commitment to their sustainability education efforts, Baxter Wood is leading the charge in eco-fashion.

Time Well-Spent

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