How to go Zero Waste in your home: Plastic Free swaps for each room

It’s Plastic Free July! Ever wonder how many of your day-to-day tasks tend to use plastic items that aren’t always eco-friendly? Tally it up, and it might be a lot more than you’d initially expect. But we have some good news: there are just about as many plastic free swaps for each of these problem areas – some of which you might not have heard of! Whether it’s in your bathroom, your kitchen, or even on-the-go, EarthHero has Earth-friendly alternatives for you to integrate into your daily life and start making a difference – for Plastic Free July, and beyond. Check out these simple zero waste swaps, room by room!

Plastic Free Swaps: For the Kitchen

It may seem difficult to turn your kitchen sustainable – but with these alternatives, it can be really simple! Switching to the eco-friendly options below can reduce your negative impact on the environment by eliminating day-to-day waste. Have some food waste after your meals? Compost it! Throwing away plastic dishware? Switch to reusable dishware. Single use coffee filters alone cause massive density in landfills – swap them out for reusable ones! Plenty of zero waste kitchen solutions are right at your fingertips.

Shop these products below to make your home kitchen zero waste:

Plastic Free Swaps: For the Refrigerator

Ever take a close look inside your refrigerator? You might notice some plastic food storage containers, plastic wrap, and other single-use, harmful products you’re putting in contact with your food and in your trash. Chemicals from plastic products can seep into our food, ending up in our bodies – and once we get rid of these plastic items, many times they wind up in our landfills. There are lots of ways to keep your food (and your waste!) fresh and clean – check out these alternatives for your fridge!

Make your fridge sustainable and get these eco-friendly products:

Plastic Free Swaps: For the Laundry Room

For some, doing laundry can be one of the most stressful tasks of the week. But when you use products that you know are good for the planet, some of that dread seems to disappear into thin air! Using a powder detergent along with wool dryer balls can help turn laundry into a zero waste, guilt-free task. You’ll also want to try out a lint brush or a soap stick stain remover to keep your clothes looking spiffy! EarthHero has sought out some of the best products on the market to ensure that laundry day is something you can look forward to.

Check out our guilt-free, zero waste laundry products below!

Plastic Free Swaps: For the Bathroom

Breaking news: your bathroom can be just as sustainable as the rest of your home! At first glance, it might not feel that way: only 50% of packaging is recycled in bathrooms, resulting in 30-40% of landfill waste coming from just that once area of our living spaces. If you stop and really think about how much waste you’ve generated in the bathroom over the years, between the plastic loofahs, plastic bottles, toilet paper, and more, it can feel overwhelming. Lift off some of that weight and make a change – turning your bathroom plastic free can be easy with these sustainable bathroom products!

Make your bathroom plastic free with these product swaps:

Plastic Free Swaps: For Personal Care

Your evening routine can be one of the most relaxing parts of the day – but not as much when you’re using products that aren’t sustainably sourced. That eco-guilt stops here with the amazing personal care products EarthHero has to offer! From synthetic-free skincare and eco-friendly period products, to reusable safety razors and tubeless toothpaste tablets, we have just about everything.

Check out the featured personal care products below to keep your bathroom cabinet stocked and EarthHero approved!

Plastic Free Swaps: When You’re On-the-Go

Leaving the house can be daunting during these difficult times, and keeping the environment in mind with the products you’re using can be a lot to consider. Making sure you’re prepared and protected is just as important to EarthHero as it is to you. That’s why we’ve made sure to carry all of the products you could need for your on-the-go travels. With reusable face masks, tote bags, water bottles, and even compostable phone cases, EarthHero’s got your back.

Check out the zero waste personal care products below to keep your bathroom cabinet stocked and EarthHero approved!

The possibilities for going zero waste? Endless!

Make the switch and shop all our sustainable alternatives on our website! Transform your at-home and on-the-go routines to become more eco-friendly by making zero waste swaps on

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  1. Another way to reduce your environmental impact in the kitchen is to fill a reused or recycled glass jar with organic glycerin and coconut or bamboo charcoal. The glycerin and the charcoal both function as capacitors of the thermal energy, so you do not lose all of the cold temperature the moment you open the refrigerator and the cold air rushes out. Because glycerin does not freeze until below zero temperatures, there is not a concern of the glass shattering as if it were filled with water, as long as you leave a relatively reasonable amount of space for the liquid to expand.

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