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Who They Are

The Green Glass Company has been a pioneer in the upcycled glass industry since 1992! When recycling programs were just beginning to become a regular occurrence in the US, The Green Glass Brand saw a business opportunity to upcycle and recycle glass bottles into useful goods. Housed in Weston, Wisconsin, The Green Glass Company receives bottles from all across the country, and recycles them using a minimal waste process, making them an EPA Green Power Partner! Their zero waste values are exemplified by their patented zero waste wine bottle conversion process! While the brand is most known for their wine goblets,they also boast a wide variety of other options including tumblers, vases, whiskey glasses, and more!

Purchased by Megan Lamovec in 2019, The Green Glass Company plans to bring new, creative products to the market and continue their legacy after almost 30 years in business!

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Why We Like Them

The Green Glass Company saw an opportunity in glass recycling and jumped on it! Glass bottles are infinitely recyclable, meaning that they can be recycled continuously without losing strength or quality. The Green Glass Company does their part to keep glass in the usage cycle by both upcycling and recycling used bottles, helping to promote a closed loop system. Not only does this company recycle used glass, they have a patented wine bottle upcycling process that uses just 1% of the energy that’s commonly used for conventional recycled glass production. 

The Green Glass Company partners with recycling companies to directly remove glass bottles from the waste stream that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Due to their efforts, the EPA has made the company a certified Green Power Partner. This title is given to businesses that exemplify voluntary efforts to reduce their energy usage and produce products in a sustainable fashion. The EPA predicts that the Green Power Partner companies make up nearly 40% of the US voluntary green power market.

The Green Glass Company is also beginning a new local initiative that promotes recycling in their own community. They have just begun their own recycling program in Weston, Wisconsin, which will allow them to lower carbon emissions by utilizing more of the local glass supply. 

When production is complete, their sustainable efforts don’t stop there! Every product is packed and shipped with reclaimed or recyclable shipping supplies – including compostable fiber cup carriers, reused shipping boxes, and kraft paper!

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This product contains recyclable materials. It may be recyclable with curbside recycling collections, but might need to be sent to a special recycling facility. Contact your local waste-hauler or recycling facility for details. Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area.

This product is packaged or shipped in materials that can be composted in home systems or industrial facilities. Certain materials may be better fit for industrial facilities than backyard composting systems. Contact your local waste-hauler or composting facility to determine where these materials may be accepted. Industrial facilities may not exist in your area.

Some or all of the energy used to make this product is produced via renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydropower.

This company donates a portion of their time or profits to charitable efforts in their community or abroad.

This product helps promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether it encourages re-use and the movement away from disposable products, or it promotes sustainable actions like recycling and composting, this product can help you lower your environmental footprint.

Items made from recycled glass are generally made from bottles and other containers which are collected in recycling programs throughout the world. This recycled glass is taken to a facility where it’s sorted by color, cleaned, broken down, and melted. This new glass can be molded into any shape to be reused for new products. Glass can be recycled almost infinitely without losing quality, and recycling glass keeps waste out of the landfill while lowering the resources and energy used to create new objects.

Upcycled glass utilizes glass in its original form to make new materials. This glass is salvaged, cleaned, and made into new objects without being broken and melted down. Using upcycled glass prevents waste from entering the landfill while using very little energy to create new products.

This product was made in the United States. Buying locally made items helps to reduce harmful emissions that result from transportation during and after the production process. Purchasing products made in the United States also ensures that the items are produced in ways that meet strict safety and labor standards.

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