EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month: Plastic Free July

EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month: Plastic Free July


Reusable Beeswax Bread Wrap | Bee’s Wrap

“Throughout quarantine, I (like many others) have discovered sourdough bread baking! While it’s a lot of fun to learn how to bake your own bread, almost all recipes ask for you to cover your dough with plastic wrap or tin foil throughout different steps of the process. I found that Bee’s Wrap is an awesome reusable alternative. Not only does it cover my dough while it rises, it also helps me keep it fresh after it’s baked! Bee’s Wrap has become my baking-go-to.”
-Hannah, Corporate Accounts Manager


Insulated TKPro Thermos | Klean Kanteen

“Since I’m still not super comfortable going to restaurants yet, my roommates and I have had to get creative with our cocktails. That’s where the TKPro comes in! If we’re heading to a park or on a hike, I’ll pre-make an iced mix drink (my favorite at the moment is an Aperol Spritz) and bring it with us. The lid filters out any ice, so it’s like a cocktail shaker on the go!”
Becki, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Organic Cotton Bread Bag | Eco-Bags


“Like Hannah, I’ve also caught the bread baking bug! It’s cozy and such an easy thing to mail to friends and family from afar. I’ve been wrapping my bread in our beautiful bread bags because bread IS a gift! Totally sweetens the deal and dresses up a homemade loaf. I even got one to store my bread in, too!
Grace, Customer Service and Administration Specialist

Hemp Sherpa Reusable Facial Rounds | Juniperseed Mercantile


“Although these days my plastic-free routine looks a little different, one of my goals for #PlasticFreeJuly was to reduce the amount of single-use items I rely on in my skincare routine. I decided to try out the Hemp Sherpa Reusable Facial Rounds from one of our new brands, Juniperseed Mercantile – and fell in love! I wanted to try these because I hear wonderful things about hemp being antimicrobial and antibacterial, and with my super sensitive skin I knew I needed something that was easy to keep clean. I use them to remove makeup, and apply toner after cleansing. To wash them I just toss them in a delicates bag (which doubles as a cotton mesh produce bag) so they don’t get lost in my washing machine!”
Juliet, Product and Marketing Content Coordinator

Organic Cotton Reusable Kids Face Mask | EarthHero Approved


“This month I’ve been loving my Organic Cotton Kids Reusable Face Mask! I am a member of the small face/head crew and so kids masks are often a better fit for me than those intended for adults. I wear this mask everywhere – on the trails, to the market, downtown while grabbing a coffee, etc. and it’s awesome that I can simply toss it in the laundry or wash it by hand so it’s fresh for the next use. The ear straps are non-elastic (100% plastic-free!) and super cozy for long-term wear. Plus, organic cotton will always be my pick for a natural fiber that’s close to my face. Soft and comfortable – this mask has been my go-to!”
-Ellie, Sustainable Sourcing Manager


Avocado Food Huggers | Food Huggers

“Call me #basic, but I love my avocado! I put it on salads and sandwiches, and even in my smoothies. For those times when I only want to use half an avocado at once, I’m super grateful to have my Avocado Food Huggers handy. They’re perfectly shaped to keep my avocados from going brown too quickly, and they’re unbelievably easy to clean and reuse – much better than going for plastic wrap or creating more food waste!”
Jen, Brand and Digital Marketing Strategist


Silicone Stasher Stand Up Bag | Stasher

“I love summer! And there’s nothing more summer then firing up the backyard grill for a BBQ. My Stasher stand up bags are literally the perfect way to marinate…everything! Whether we are eating fish, chicken, or veggies, there’s plenty of room for it all! And afterwards, I just pop it in the dishwasher for an easy clean.”
Ryan, Founder and CEO


Castile Dish Soap | Meliora

“I never thought I would get excited to buy dish soap – but I did when I bought this! My little environmentalist heart just loves that there is no plastic involved. I paired it with our Cedar Soap Dish and it sticks right to it. Get your brush wet, scrub a little on soap dish and it works really well. All my roommates are shocked at how well it has worked. No more plastic for me with doing dishes – wahoo!”
-Charlie, Warehouse Support Associate

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