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The Hero Essentials Kit

The Hero Essentials Kit is an easy and impactful way to delve into sustainable living.  No more sweating over where to start or wondering where your dollars are going, because we’ve cherry-picked 12 of our top-rated products from small ethical businesses. Get all you need to run a low-waste household, with peace of mind knowing you’re supporting brands that care. 

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12 essentials, 1 box, 0 plastic

We know you're tired of trash.

Because who loves waste? It’s an unwelcome side-effect of
running on little time, in a world where single-use and plastic
packaging has become the most accessible option.

We know you're tired of eco-products that leave a lot to be desired.

We get it. You can’t scrub with flimsy bristles or sacrifice time re-washing to remove stains. You need to know what works before you buy.

It's time to make a change that sticks.

That’s why we’ve carefully chosen 12 top-rated products for bathroom,
laundry, kitchen, and on-the-go, making reducing waste easier than ever.

It's time you met

The Hero Essentials Kit

From college students to grandparents, this kit makes zero waste simple because we believe everyone can be an Earth Hero. 

Try it today 100% risk-free with our satisfaction guarantee.

$̶𝟣̶𝟦̶𝟤̶.̶𝟨̶𝟣̶ $99.99

The Average American Produces 5lbs of Waste Per Day

This is your fast track to cutting back!

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

But the Outside Matters Too

Don’t think the box looks that special? Thanks! That’s exactly our intention. We’ve cut out the bells and whistles, to keep it as minimal, necessary, and earth-friendly as possible.

Cardboard box

Recyclable and compostable

Packaging peanuts

Dissolve in water

Kraft paper

Recyclable and compostable

Paper tape


Shipping label


Product packaging

Recyclable and compostable

The Eco Essentials Kit


Use: the same as you would your plastic toothbrush!

End-of-life: the bristles and handle are backyard compostable and the metal staple is recyclable.

ZWS Essentials Bamboo Toothbrush

Use: like a plastic shower sponge, as a gentle exfoliator, or general cleaning sponge.

End-of-life: backyard compostable.

ZWS Loofah Sponge


Use: scrub off tough stains and grease, works on cast iron and non-stick pans.

End-of-life: lasts up to 6 months, then the wooden and plant fiber parts can be composted. 

ZWS Pot Scrubber Dish Brush

Use:  for wiping spills and cleaning counters. They absorb 20X their weight in liquid!

End-of-life: reuse, wash, and compost when no longer usable

ZWS Essentials Sponge Cloth

Use: whenever you’d reach for a paper one!

End-of-life: reuse and wash and compost when no longer usable

ZWS Essentials Reusable Paper Towels

Use: in a compost or organic waste bin.

End of life: commercially compostable.

13 Gallon Compostable Kitchen Bag

Use: compatible with all dish washing machines to remove grease and residue.

End of life: pods will dissolve and the packaging can be recycled or composted.

Dishwasher Detergent Pods


Use: put 1 sheet in with your load, and it’ll dissolve into detergent.

End of life: sheets will dissolve and the packaging can be recycled or composted.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

Use: put in the dryer with your load to replace fabric softener or single-use sheets.

End of life: backyard compostable. 

Wool Dryer Balls


Use: like any plastic straw! Use the agave fiber cleaner to wash the inside.

End of life: remove the agave bristles to compost and recycle the metal handle and straw

Stainless Steel Straw Agave Fiber Straw Cleaner

Use: to pack your fresh fruits and veggies on your grocery haul.

End of life: backyard compostable.

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag

Use:  to pack fresh fruits and veggies on your grocery haul.

End of life: Backyard compostable.

Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Bag

All Your Favourites, Under One (Carboard) Roof

Customers like you have been raving about these top-rated products.

I’ve tried lots of “alternative “ dishwasher detergents but most of them leave something to be desired. I feel like I’ve finally found “the one.” It leaves my dishes sparkling clean.

Kathy Mc 

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Everything in the box (and the rest of the Earth Hero!) has passed our rigorous test.

Featured Brands


An Eco-Cleaning Hero

This hero brand got the EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year award for making powerful and planet-friendly cleaning alternatives. Plus, they work with Oceana to help protect the oceans!

ZWS Essentials

Super(Easy) Man

ZWS Essentials make the greenest choice the easiest one, by providing zero or low waste alternatives to conventional household products. They also work partner with the Rainforest Trust and 4Ocean to help protect the land and seas!


The Plastic-Free Avenger

Switch to Biobags to ditch the plastic. Their compostable alternatives not only reduce waste but help prevent microplastic pollution in waterways and ecosystems.

The Hero Essentials Kit: Easy to Use, Easy to Love

At Earth Hero, we know shopping sustainably is no easy feat and we’re dedicated to empowering you on a journey to lasting change.

As your go-to hub for thousands of eco-friendly products, we carefully curated our top picks in The Eco Essentials Kit as a straightforward and impactful solution to plastic and create a positive impact today.

Kickstart your sustainability journey today with The Hero Essentials Kit!

$̶𝟣̶𝟦̶𝟤̶.̶𝟨̶𝟣̶ $99.99

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