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Rethinking Recycling Read Article

Rethinking Recycling

It’s no secret that recycling can be a little confusing…to say the least. From following guidelines that differ not only from one town to the other, but that also depend on what waste hauler you’re...
Gifts for the (Green) Wedding Couple Read Article

Gifts for the (Green) Wedding Couple

Love is in the air (but so is pollution!) Whether you’re throwing your own dream wedding, or simply part of the band, there’s no shortage of ways to turn this special day into one that celebrates t...
Recycled Products that Change the Way You Look at Trash Read Article

Recycled Products that Change the Way You Look at Trash

Does recycling really make a difference? The (annoyingly vague) answer: Yes…and no. Recycling in and of itself doesn’t save the planet from tons and tons of waste–the real difference comes from cre...
7 Surprising Things You Can’t Recycle Curbside Read Article

7 Surprising Things You Can’t Recycle Curbside

We’ve all heard of reduce, reuse, recycle. Like most, you probably assumed that recycling was as simple as throwing anything and (almost) everything paper or plastic into the bin, and walking away ...
Product Breakdown: Plaine Products Read Article

Product Breakdown: Plaine Products

The Zero-Waste Way to Wash The plastic-free packaging revolution is here, and it’s starting with your bathroom. With just 4 simple steps, these vegan, cruelty free, and refillable products from Pla...
The Earth-Friendly Camping Checklist Read Article

The Earth-Friendly Camping Checklist

Summer is officially here–and that means a whole lotta’ camping, hiking, swimming, biking, and soaking up the sun! While everyone loves spending quality time exploring nature, the products we use t...
EarthHero - Brush with Bamboo Header Read Article

Product Breakdown: Brush with Bamboo Toothbrushes

Sustainability starts at the source (materials, that is!). In our product breakdowns, we’ll break down what some of our favorite products are made of, why we love them, and how they got the EarthHe...
The Lifecycle of a Plastic Straw Read Article

The Lifecycle of a Plastic Straw

The Final Straw If you’ve been paying attention recently, you’ve seen businesses and cities alike are banning plastic straws due to their inability to be recycled or biodegrade at the end of their...
Sustainable - Baby - Clothing - And - Footwear Read Article

7 Natural Baby Products for the Eco-Friendly Mom

Job opening: Full-time, 24/7 position that includes cleaning, heavy lifting, and middle of the night interruptions. No salary, and no time off. Sound like a drag? Here’s the shocking part–over 85 m...

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