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Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

While there is something that will always be exciting about big gifts (who doesn’t love unwrapping a big box?), we’re here to say that small, sustainable gifts can be just as amazing! Perfect for friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else you want to surprise this holiday season, stocking stuffers can mean just about anything. This year, say “no thanks” to wasteful single-use stocking stuffers, and opt instead for quality gifts in small packages. Check out some of our favorite sustainable stocking stuffers below!

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Smile Jamaica In Ear Headphones

House of Marley Smile Jamaica In Ear Headphones Stocking Stuffers

These headphones are physically small, but will be a total game-changer for whoever is at the receiving end of this gift! With a noise-cancelling design, this little device will have you jammin’ out to your favorite tunes all day long. Wrap them up for any music-loving person in your life!

Organic Aromatherapy Travel Kit

Badger Organic Aromatherapy Travel Kit Stocking Stuffers

Suitable for any mood, this Badger Aromatherapy travel kit will come in handy for anyone looking to enjoy some calming scents, or a mid-day destressor. Everyone appreciates an excuse to take a deep breath! With these portable roll-on aromatherapies, a deep breath comes with one of five fresh scents too.

Organic Cotton Tie-Dye Classic Crew Socks

Maggie's Organic Organic Cotton Tie-Dye Classic Crew Socks  Stocking Stuffers

Coming in all different colors, lengths and sizes, Maggie’s Organic socks are the comfiest treat for anyone who’s spending time on their feet. These Organic Cotton Tie-Dye Classic Crew Socks are one of many options that add some color and fun to any outfit! And in lieu of slippers, these socks are perfect for lounging around in alllll day!

Gold Sand Scrunchies

KOOSHOO Gold Sand Scrunchies  Stocking Stuffers

Anyone with long hair knows the struggle of always being in need of a hair tie. Something about how small they are makes them so easy to lose! And when so many of them are made from wasteful products, that makes for a lot of hair elastics ending up in landfills…over 20,000 pounds daily according to Kooshoo! Luckily, KOOSHOO is changing the hair tie game with their biodegradable (and adorable) hair scrunchies that make for a perfect balance of style and sustainability!

United By Blue Face Masks 3pk  Stocking Stuffers

Face Masks

It’s 2020, which means you can never have enough reusable face masks. United By Blue has created masks that are the perfect balance of comfort, fashion and practicality. They’re easy to throw into any little bag and give to someone for a gift they will definitely get good use out of!

Well Kept Bath Salts Stocking Stuffers

Bath Salts

Any gift that is stress reducing and relaxing is a good gift in our books! Well Kept Bath Soaking Salts are the perfect little gift for someone you care about. Or double up and buy some for yourself too! They’re packaged in a recyclable glass tube with a cork top, and are made with Himalayan sea salt, rose petals, and other natural ingredients that are great for your skin.

Natural Clay Face Mask

Bestowed Essentials Natural Clay Mask Stocking Stuffers

Winters can be tough on the skin, which is why we are extra obsessed with self-care during this time of the year! You can’t go wrong with this clay face mask – it will brighten up anyone’s skin and day. Handmade from natural, toxin-free ingredients, this face mask smoothes and brightens your complexion with ease.

Glass Straw Set

Simply Straws Glass Straw Set Stocking Stuffers

Plastic straws may be wasteful, but that doesn’t mean we need to do away with straws completely! For anyone in your life who wants to be more waste-conscious, but doesn’t want to part with using straws, this Simply Straws Glass Straw Set is the perfect gift! They’re reusable, dishwasher safe, and durable for years of use.

Wee Gallery Forest Friends Kids Nesting Dolls Stocking Stuffers

Forest Friends Kids Nesting Dolls

For the younger crowd, it is always fun to go back to the basics. The Wee Gallery Forest Friends Nesting Dolls are hand-painted and made from hand-carved Linden wood, and the perfect stocking stuffer that features multiple toys and various new friends to play with!

eco-crayon Beeswax Crayon Sea Rocks

eco-kids eco-crayon Beeswax Crayon Sea Rocks Stocking Stuffers

Have a young artist in the family? It can be hard to find affordable art supplies that keep the earth in mind! Our Beeswax Crayon Sea Rocks not only have natural wax and use mineral pigments, but their fun shape set the perfect tone for little artists to create! Plus, they’re 100% non-toxic, and have bright colors that are easy to blend and use.

Whether you use these ideas as stocking stuffers or as individual gifts for yourself or someone special, you can feel confident that all of these goodies are EarthHero approved and with our signature minimal plastic shipping packaging! We make sure your holiday gifts aren’t hurting our environment and are carbon-neutral, too! Explore all of our gifts here! And get our 2020 gift guide here!

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