8 Eco-Friendly Health & Wellness Gifts

8 Eco-Friendly Health & Wellness Gifts

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Let’s face it, holiday gift shopping can be a daunting task! Whether it’s for friends, relatives, significant others or anyone else you want to show some extra love during the holidays, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge! But, there are some things we all have in common – and one of them is the desire to be healthy and well – both physically and mentally. And that usually means a bit of self care! Check out 8 of our favorite eco-friendly gifts that promote health and wellness below!

Girlfriend Collective Paloma Sports Bra

Health and Wellness Gifts | Holiday Shopping | EarthHero Blog

A quality sports bra is key to any workout routine – and a workout routine is key for a happy body. These Girlfriend Collective Sports Bras are so versatile and work with pretty much any physical activity. So if you don’t know what someone in your life does for exercise, you can be confident that this piece will fit right in. They’re even great as undergarments, crop tops, or as a layering piece. This wellness gift is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, as are all other products by Girlfriend Collective, and are certified for being ethically and responsibly made.

Moon Fat Clary Sage Body Oil

Health and Wellness Gifts | Holiday Shopping | EarthHero Blog

Fat and the Moon has plenty of products created to enhance any self-care routine, and this Body Oil is one of our faves! With ingredients like apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil and clary sage, this nourishing mixture is not just moisturizing, but has a beautiful natural scent and protects the skin from sun damage. That’s a yes from us! Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and keeping it healthy and nourished is essential for overall wellness.

Cork Trigger Point Massage Balls

Health and Wellness Gifts | Holiday Shopping | EarthHero Blog

No matter how you get active, sore muscles can pop up the next day – and must be properly taken care of to ensure you don’t get injured! Scoria has created massage balls designed to bring relief to those sore spots. They increase circulation and are great for using before or after workouts, or both! The set includes two medium and one large sized massage ball for different areas of the body. And for every set sold, Scoria donates 6 meals to those in need through Feeding Children Everywhere. Plus, Scoria makes all of their innovative wellness gifts and products from sustainably harvested cork, a naturally renewable resource!

Smile Jamaica In Ear Headphones

Health and Wellness Gifts | Holiday Shopping | EarthHero Blog

Music is a total game changer during a workout. We’ve all been there…nearing the end of a workout just when a fun song comes on and you get an immediate second wind! Pass that motivation along to a friend this holiday season with a pair of Smile Jamaica In Ear headphones from House of Marley. With a noise cancelling design and in-line microphone, these headphones have the technology of more expensive headphones at a more affordable price. Plus, House of Marley plants trees for every purchase – and uses recycled content and renewable materials whenever possible in their products. That’s a wellness gift that gives back!

Lavender Calendula Cold Process Organic Soap Bar

Health and Wellness Gifts | Holiday Shopping | EarthHero Blog

After a long workout, there’s nothing that feels better than a refreshing shower and clean clothes. These adorable and zero-waste soap bars by Moon Valley Organics are gentle enough to be used on the face or body, and for kids of all ages. They’re 100% non-toxic and organic, keeping your skin healthy, and come packaged plastic-free – so no waste! Get an assortment of these soaps for your shower, bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and everywhere else – or give them as a gift to someone who could use a little self care pick-me up this holiday season.

Lavender Essential Oil Incense

Health and Wellness Gifts | Holiday Shopping | EarthHero Blog

Bring calm and relaxation into any space with the Lavender Essential Oil Incense by Province Apothecary. Hand infused and scented with pure lavender essential oil, this charcoal incense is free of any synthetic fragrance or chemicals. Perfect for an evening bubble bath, a restorative yoga practice, or for general tension-release in the home. As members of 1% for the Planet, Canadian Organic Growers, and the Canadian Honey Council, each PA purchase supports the health of the planet and responsible agriculture!

Restorative Sleep Natural Aromatherapy Roller

There’s sleep… and then there’s a night of deep sleep – which is essential for your heath and wellness! When you need to make up on some lost sleep, reach for the Restorative Sleep Aromatherapy Roller from Mindful Mixtures. This essential oil blend features valerian root to manage sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, and relax muscles. It also includes rosewood to nourish the immune and central nervous system, marjoram to induce sleep, and cedarwood to calm the mind and induce the release of serotonin. Plus, Mindful Mixtures donates 1% of sales from this product towards environmental non-profits through 1% for the Planet!

Self Care Gift Box

Health and Wellness Gifts | Holiday Shopping | EarthHero Blog

Know you want to give a wellness gift, but not sure what? Get the Self Care Gift Box from assorted EarthHero brands! This eco-friendly gift set includes everything for the perfect day off, including a non-toxic soy candle, herbal lotion bar, detoxifying bamboo charcoal soap bar, kelp face mask, and an exfoliating agave fiber washcloth. All of the products included are made naturally, with paraben-free and sustainably harvested ingredients that are better for your body, and our planet. Simply light the candle, run a bath with the bath salts mixed in, toss on a face mask – and relax!

Nothing says you care more than a gift made to improve someone’s health and well being. This year more than ever, we could all use a little self care. This holiday season, don’t miss the opportunity to send some self-care around to the people in your life! Plus, explore all of our Beauty + Care products here!

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