Reusable & Zero Waste Gifts

Reusable & Zero Waste Gifts

The only thing better than a gift is a gift that keeps on giving! Reusable products make for the best presents because they’re longer lasting than ordinary products, are zero waste and a money saver for whoever is lucky enough to receive it! Rather than spending money on a gift that will soon be used up, go for products that stand the test of time for the people you love. The planet and the people in your life will thank you! Check out some of our favorite reusable and zero waste gifts below!

Natural Grass Pen & Refillable Cartridges

Reusable and Zero Waste Gifts | EarthHero Blog

For any writers, doodlers, note-takers or list-makers, a pen plays an important role in everyday life. Between the ink color, thickness and material of the pen, there are many elements that make up the perfect pen! This Natural Grass Pen by A Good Company has them all, and when you run out of ink, just refill with another cartridge to continue using! It is reusable, zero waste, practical, and most importantly – functional. Plus, instead of the pen body being made of plastic, it’s made of plant based bioplastic from grass.

Mason Jar, Lid and Reusable Straw

Reusable and Zero Waste Gifts | EarthHero Blog

Something about mason jars just makes them so well-suited to every occasion! Whether you’re drinking iced coffee, water or a smoothie, mason jars are the perfect glass to reach for. You can mix and match the lids with different bases, and they’re durable for years of use. While we love the classics, this fun zero waste gift comes with a mason jar (with a handle), a lid with a straw hole, and a reusable glass straw. It’s multipurpose, comes packaged plastic-free, and is a great gift for literally anyone in your life.

Elate Cosmetics Makeup

Reusable and Zero Waste Gifts | EarthHero Blog

Makeup shouldn’t just be made to look pretty on your face, it should also be made with the planet in mind! Elate Cosmetics creates palette, foundations, and other makeup essentials from organic and non-toxic ingredients – plus they’re packaged in reusable and refillable wooden cases (or sometimes glass!) By being able to refill certain products, you cut down on plastic waste while still using the products you know and love. Living waste free shouldn’t mean living makeup free if you don’t want it to!

Sanari Candles

Reusable and Zero Waste Gifts | EarthHero Blog

What do you do when you get to the bottom of a candle? With Sanari Candle, you give it a wash and fill it back up with your beverage of choice! Designed as a wine glass or whiskey tumbler, all these glasses need is some boiled water poured over them to remove excess wax and be ready to use again. The candles themselves are soy-based wax without parabens, toxins, or harmful chemicals. They’re hand poured in small batches in Los Angeles, and are the perfect reusable gift – a candle and a cup in one!

Zero Waste Liquid Screen Protector

Reusable and Zero Waste Gifts | EarthHero Blog

We all have at least one friend whose phone screen is always cracked! This plastic-free screen protector from Pela Case is a game-changer for anyone who is always dropping their phone! Rather than using a plastic sheet that is wasteful and can change the feel of your natural glass screen, this liquid protector can be applied straight to your phone and creates a glass shield that lasts for 12 months. And there are three “doses” in this one small recyclable glass container! It’s a wonderful stocking stuffer, and a unique zero waste gift!

Linen Kitchen Towel

Reusable and Zero Waste Gifts | EarthHero Blog

Who doesn’t love a gift that is also a money saver?! These linen kitchen towels will drastically reduce (if not eliminate) the amount of single-use paper towels needed in the kitchen. Made from 100% natural stonewashed linen from flax plants, this towel is more absorbent and durable than traditional cotton towels. LinenCasa has a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, so you can pick the perfect one to go in your recipient’s home. Reusable, durable, washable, and zero waste – what else could you want in a towel?

Hydro Flask Flex Sip Coffee Mug

Reusable and Zero Waste Gifts | EarthHero Blog

So much money (and plastic) is wasted on disposable beverage containers… plus, they’re not leakproof, and are prone to spills on-the-go. Bringing a mug out the door every morning is a great way to save your pocket and the planet, and they’re something that everyone can use! This Hydro Flask multipurpose mug is made from double-walled insulated stainless steel that keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold, all day long. It has a leak-proof lid that is easy to sip from, and won’t burn your hands if holding a hot drink. It’s incredibly durable too, so accidental drops or dings won’t ruin this reusable and zero waste gift!

At EarthHero, we always choose quality over quantity. This holiday season we’re encouraging you to do the same! Reusable and well-made gifts will always be appreciated by the special people in your life! Explore ALL of our zero waste products here, and our curated “Gifts for the Zero Waster” collection here!

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