Halloween in 2020: Get in the Spooky Spirit, Sustainably and Safely!

Halloween in 2020: Get in the Spooky Spirit, Sustainably and Safely!

What can we say, 2020 has thrown us a lot of curveballs – but that doesn’t mean Halloween should be any less spooktacular for you or your kids. Trick-or-treating in your neighborhood might not look the same this year, but thankfully there are tons of fun, safe, earth-friendly activities you can do to get in the Halloween mood this Spooky Season. Read on to get tips for creating a sustainable costume, dialing up the Halloween imagination right at home, and finding helpful items if you’re doing a socially-distanced trick-or-treat outing!

A Halloween Look Too Cute To Spook


No matter how you choose to trick-or-treat, everyone likes to get all dressed up for Halloween! Whether your child wants to be a tiger, a princess, or a skeleton, EarthHero is here with all the essentials for dialing your costume up a notch. Try getting into character with our Ecopiggy non-toxic face paints, or by painting a mask!

And what about the costume itself? It might be easy to order a new costume online – but many of them aren’t ethically made or sustainable. Try one of these simple, eco-friendly solutions!

  • This year, try to create your own costumes with items you have at home! With sheets, cardboard and some paint, you can transform yourself into just about anything.
  • Got some old Halloween costumes in your closet? Think about how you can reuse it – either by repeating the costume (it’s not a faux pas, we promise!), or by adding some accessories to reconstruct it into something entirely new.
  • Have friends, family or neighbors that kept old costumes too? Coordinate with them and do a costume swap – et voila, your costume is ready, without ever buying something unethically-sourced!

Trick-or-Treating Reimagined

For kids, it doesn’t quite feel like Halloween without a little bit of trick-or-treating – so whether your Halloween looks more traditional with a socially-distanced twist, or uses some imagination at home, here are some great ideas for being safe, spooky and sustainable!

When venturing out into the neighborhood, be sure to bring some eco-friendly hand sanitizer and a mask! If your mask isn’t as haunting as you’d like, try painting it with fabric paint, and finishing off the look with Ecopiggy non-toxic face paints to match your costume. A fun design to paint on your face mask would be a jack-o-lantern mouth!


Just like any other year, you should be prepared for all of the candy and other goodies you might collect throughout the night. Try carrying your well-earned sweets in a sustainably-sourced, reusable bag. Need something spooktacular to carry all of your loot? Our reusable, eco-friendly Bagito Trick-or-Treat themed bags are the perfect option to carry your goodies in style!

If you choose to stay indoors for the trick-or-treating festivities, have your kids go around your house trick-or-treating, as if each room leads to a different world! Decorate each bedroom and bathroom with a different theme to create the feeling of different houses. Your kids will have a ton of fun at each door! You can try a haunted-house room, a vampire room, a pirate room, a magical forest room, a monster mash room…the possibilities are endless. Check out our arts and crafts supplies for non-toxic, eco-friendly options if the kids in your life want to get in on the decorating action!

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun


Before Halloween arrives, it’s always fun to build excitement with a few Halloween themed activities. To mix it up this year, try carving a pumpkin with eyes and a nose – but instead of a mouth, put a face mask on it! Or, try an indoor Halloween Scavenger Hunt. For a fun-filled afternoon with hardly any set-up or clean-up, try tossing rings around the necks of butternut squash to play Squash Ring Toss with the family. And to turn your home into a spooky sensation, use your creativity and eco-friendly art supplies to decorate!

While not all normal Halloween activities are possible this year, there are definitely still ways to connect with friends and neighbors in a safe way. One way to have some contactless fun is to “Boo” your friends! Simply set up a small package of Halloween goodies, place it anonymously on the chosen doorstep, knock on the door and run away. Your neighbors will open the door to a happy surprise!

What sustainable, safe activities are you doing for Halloween this year? Comment below! And if you’re making your own sustainable costume this year, we’d love to see it. Share it on Instagram or Facebook, and tag us at @shopearthhero!

From our EarthHero family to yours, Happy Halloween!

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