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22 Zero Waste Products for 2022

It's Zero Waste March! Check out our top 22 zero waste products that everyone can love!
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2022 is the year we’re sticking by all of our new year’s resolutions! If creating an eco-friendly lifestyle is one of your resolutions, then you’re in the right place. We’re here to provide you with 22 Zero Waste products that will guide you to consume more consciously and create less waste in your day-to-day life. While you’re at it, check out our 31 Day Zero Waste Challenge during the month of March to help elevate your sustainability journey! Don’t forget that you can save 20% on all Zero Waste products today until 3/14/22 with code ‘ZeroWaste’.

This post was written by our Spring 2022 Marketing & Communications Intern, Kaylee Blaylock.

EarthHero - Fresh Air Full Circle Compost Bin -  Green Slate

1) Fresh Air Full Circle Compost Bin

Why is composting important? When organic waste is shipped off to a landfill it does not get the light and oxygen requirements it needs to break down and decompose properly, which causes methane gas to be released (no good for the environment).

With the Full Circle Compost Bin, composting is officially effortless and smell-free! This design is made from recycled plastic and partially recycled steel that is specific to minimizing airflow and maximizing the decomposition process. Not only is the product responsibly made, but Full Circle is B Corp certified too!

2) Castile Dish Soap Block

Cleaning dirty dishes just got easier with the Castile dish soap block! Made with organic ingredients like coconut and sunflower oil to remove all the grime from your toughest dishes. Not only is this dish soap plastic-free and non-toxic, but it also lasts for months. It doesn’t get better than this! This soap lathers easily with a dish brush or loofah scrubber.

3) Zero Waste Deodorant Stick

Packaged in a paper tube, cruelty-free, and made with organic materials? Sign me up! Meow Meow Tweet’s zero waste deodorant is exactly what your pits need with their aluminum-free and all-natural plant oil ingredients. Made with a push-up top and creamy texture, this deodorant glides across the skin and soothes the underarms. Another cool feature is that it is a powerhouse against odor, so it can be used to combat feet sweat, and smells as well. Stay fresh with plastic-free deodorant!

4) Hydro Flask Coffee Mug

Single-use coffee cups can be made out of expanded polystyrene or widely known as styrofoam, which is extremely difficult to recycle. So, what is the alternative?

Upgrade your coffee game with Hydroflask’s reusable coffee mug! This coffee mug provides temperature control along with an easy-to-grip handle that comes in handy (pun intended) for an on-the-go cup of joe. Check with your local coffee shop to see if they can use your reusable coffee mug instead of the plastic alternative. Word on the street is some cafes will even give a discount for bringing your own mug!

EarthHero - Zefiro Baking Sheet - 1

5) Silicone Baking Sheet

Plastic waste is all around us, but it doesn’t have to be in your kitchen too. Never buy single-use aluminum foil or parchment paper again with this reusable, and naturally non-sticking baking sheet! Zefiro has made the ultimate zero waste swap that is perfect for your baking needs. This reusable baking sheet is oven safe up to 425º F as well as dishwasher safe, so you’re clean-up just became super easy! Didn’t you hear? Silicone is the new plastic!

6) Silicone Stasher Sandwich Bags

The silicone sandwich bag by Stasher is the perfect sustainable swap for Ziploc baggies. Stasher is the world’s first–and only–self-sealing, airtight, non-plastic bag to go against wasteful single-use plastic bags. These bags are so much more than your typical sandwich bags by being freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe! Your sandwich deserves the best, and so do you!

7) Refillable Unscented Vegan Shampoo + Conditioner Set

EarthHero - Plaine Products Refillable Unscented Vegan Shampoo + Conditioner 16oz  - (First Time Order) Includes 1 Pump for Each Bottle

Refill, reuse, rejoice! Plaines refillable shampoo and conditioner set is exactly what you need in your shower routine to bring your unruly hair back to life the zero waste way. This unique hair care set is organic, hypoallergenic, color-safe, baby-safe, biodegradable, and cruelty-free (Say that 3 times fast!). After your first purchase (make sure to keep the pumps), simply order a new bottle without a pump and send back your used bottles when they’re empty. Yes, zero waste is just that easy!

8) Reusable Swedish Dishcloth

EarthHero - Bough and Berry Swedish Dish Towel (12x10 in) - 3

Did you know that more than 51,000 trees are cut down daily to support North America’s paper towel habit? A great way to save the trees and to reduce kitchen waste is switching to a zero-waste alternative like the reusable Swedish dishcloth! Made with 70% Cellulose and 30% Cotton, this cloth can absorb 20x its weight and last 6-9 months. Then when they can’t be used anymore, toss them in your compost bin!

9) Eco Dryer Balls

Not only are dryer sheets made from synthetic polyester, but they also contain fragrances that can be irritating to the skin. Dryer sheets are a sneaky single-use plastic, but a great zero waste alternative is wool balls!

Dryer balls naturally soften and fluff your laundry while decreasing static cling and drying time up to 40% without any chemicals or additives! These dryer balls are made with organic and cruelty-free certified New Zealand Wool and ethically handmade by women in Nepal with disabilities. Not only reusable but completely biodegradable too!

10) 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Are you having a tough time cutting out styrofoam or finding durable on-the-go lunchboxes? Have no fear the Eco Lunch Box is here! The 3-in-1 lunchbox features an upstairs AND downstairs compartment, as well as a mini container, the Splash Pod, which seamlessly fits inside the top level. Talk about organization! This lunchbox is also great for saving food waste whenever you go out to eat and eliminates using styrofoam to-go containers! Not only are you nourishing your body with a delicious lunch but also the environment by cutting out to-go waste.

EarthHero - Tru Earth 2

11) Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Strips

Even your laundry routine can be plastic-free with Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Strips! Free from harsh chemicals like parabens and phosphates making it biodegradable and great for sensitive skins. Intentionally measured cleaning powder that is packed into an ultra-concentrated strip of detergent makes laundry simple. Just drop a detergent strip into your washer, add in your clothes, and let the magic happen!

EarthHero - Copper Tongue Scraper - 2

12) Tongue Scraper

PAAVANI means purity in Sanskrit. Inspired by the concept of purity, PAAVANI Ayurveda created the Copper Tongue Scrapper from 100% antiseptic copper. The intention of the scrapper is to guide you to practice the daily ritual of tongue cleaning. The best way to use is first thing in the morning before you’ve had anything to eat or drink. Stick your tongue out and gently scrape away the ama or film forward and out of the mouth. Wash the tongue scraper and repeat until your tongue is clean! This practice helps eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath and draws out toxins from the body.

13) “Conserve, Restore, Revive” Reusable Tote Bag

EarthHero - "Conserve

Show off your love for sustainability with this EarthHero tote bag! Made from Fair Trade Certified organic cotton that is ethically produced in a fair trade facility while being carbon neutral. Does it get any better than this? This bag is great for traveling, grocery trips, shopping days, and even for school. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself and don’t forget to donate at the end of its life.

14) Safety Razor

EarthHero - Albatross Butterfly Safety Razor 4

“Shave” the world from plastic razors with the Albatross Butterfly Saftey Razor! Created with 100% high-quality stainless steel that prevents corrosion and is built to last you years. This indestructible razor comes with 10 replacement blades that are easy to insert with the butterfly-style opening. Don’t forget to use a shaving soap to ensure a smooth shave! To make this product even better, Albatross offers a blade take-back program for used blades to be recycled into non-razor products!

15) Reusable Beeswax Wrap

Upgrade your kitchen game with these beeswax-infused cloths as food storage. From saving the other half of an avocado to replacing Saran Wrap, these reusable beeswax wraps are the next best thing since sliced bread! Using just the warmth of your hands, you can shape these wraps to fit any food or storage container to your liking. After you are done using the wraps just rinse with water and lay flat to dry for the next use! It’s that easy!

16) Lip Balm

Unfortunately, plastic chapsticks can’t be curbside recycled because of the size and the type of plastic they’re packaged in. But wait!! There’s a zero-waste alternative! Say goodbye to single-use, plastic chapsticks, and hello to the compostable Bergamot Basil Lip Balm. Made from all-natural ingredients like beeswax, hemp seed oil, organic cocoa butter, and vitamin e, the best thing is there’s not a single drop of palm oil. This paper tube holds everything your chapped lips could only dream of!

17) Reusable Grocery Bags

EarthHero - Original Reusable Grocery Bag

Did you know that a plastic bag is used for an average of 12 minutes until it is thrown away to slowly break down in a landfill for over 700 years? Bringing your own reusable grocery bags will dramatically reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills. Shop in style and replace those wasteful plastic bags with this nifty, original, and reusable grocery bag from Bagito! Strategically made from post-consumer plastics and from 100% food-safe rPET fabric that is designed to fill the bag to maximum capacity. There’s no need for two trips, my friend.

18) Flouride-Free Toothpaste Tablets

Make the switch from the typical toothpaste tubes and try out the zero waste alternative, toothpaste tablets! These tablets are fluoride-free and made without preservatives, artificial coloring, and other synthetic ingredients. These tablets are an effective way of cutting down single-use plastics when it comes to your oral care and even the packaging is compostable! This product works best when chewed until it turns into a paste and is simply brushed in with a bamboo toothbrush.

19) Reusable Produce Bags

It starts with you to prevent hundreds of plastic produce bags from going to landfills when you bring your own reusable produce bags! Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that’s knitted to leave breathing room for all your fruits and veggies. The fabric contains no additive dyes or bleach, so it’s 100% compostable!

20) Silicone Straw Set

MILLIONS of plastic straws are used daily in the U.S. alone and the majority don’t even make it to our landfills, instead of in our waterways and oceans.

Klean Kanteen has developed a durable, and reusable solution to single-use straws with their Silicone Straw Set. This 4 pack of colorful straws are great for on-the-go drinking and even better to use at restaurants! Reusable straws are a timeless zero waste product and the best way to refuse a straw is by bringing your own! Toss one in your reusable tumbler, and #SuckResponsibly!

EarthHero - Rosemary Mint Natural Soap Bar - 3

21) Natural Soap Bar

A classic zero-waste essential is indeed an all-natural soap bar! Great for your skin, and even better for the planet. Without any extra plastic packaging that creates a great minimal experience, soap bars are the way to go plastic-free for your shower routine!

22) Loofah Scrub

EarthHero - Kitchen Loofah Sponge 3pk - 4

Ditch the plastic loofah and welcome in the 100% compostable and zero-waste loofah! Whether you’re using it to clean the dishes, rinse out the shower, or even as a skin exfoliant, this loofah can truly do it all. Traditionally grown from a single Mayan family in Guatemala, these loofahs are totally unprocessed and chemical-free. To discard your loofah at the end of its life just compost it or simply bury it in your garden.

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