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13 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products from Full Circle for a Sustainable Home

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2020 is here, and if you’re anything like us (and our cleaning inspiration Marie Kondo), one of your resolutions may be to find a home cleaning routine that actually works for your lifestyle in the new decade. We believe that a clean home = happy people, but… we also believe it should be done in a way that’s both mindful for your wallet, and for the planet. Typical cleaning supplies are often made from virgin plastic, and most are relatively single-use, making them a mess for our landfills.

Luckily, there is a better way to clean with Full Circle Home! This innovative conscious company redesigns classic household products, providing a superior yet sustainable alternative to classic home necessities. They make their products from better materials like recycled plastic, plant fibers and bamboo, and design them to last longer – so you can buy less.

But they don’t just make awesome and functional products. Full Circle is also a Certified B Corp, joining a network of companies (like EarthHero!) dedicated to meeting rigorous sustainability standards. From their eco-materials, to their labor standards, they are constantly striving to raise the bar for sustainable businesses. In that spirit, they’ve partnered with Give Back Box to redistribute lightly used household items like clothing, electronics, and home goods to those in need.

Ready to get started with a more zero waste home? We suggest you wait until your old home cleaning tools are used up, then begin to replace them with Full Circle’s eco-alternatives. We’ll dive into 13 of our must-haves below!

Dishes + Kitchen

Suds Up Dish Sponge + Refill

A good dish sponge is essential to any functional kitchen. From hand-washing dishes to scrubbing pans, we love dish sponges because they’re so versatile. Unfortunately, most sponges are made from virgin plastic, a material that is non-renewable and resource intensive. Plus, when the “head” of a dish sponge is used up, often times the handle gets thrown away too! The Suds Up Dish Sponge from Full Circle is different – made from a bamboo handle with recycled plastic detailing. The sponge is plant-based, and uses renewable materials like cellulose and bioplastic. Our favorite part? When the sponge is used up, you can keep the handle, and simply replace the head. That’s less plastic used, and less plastic wasted!

Walnut Scrubber Sponges

Looking for a more classic sponge? We got you covered. Unlike the Suds Up which comes with a handle, these Walnut Scrubber Sponges are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional individual sponges. Made from renewable cellulose with an abrasive texture from walnut shells, not plastic, this sponge has two textured sides for different cleaning needs. It works just as hard as the classic sponge, but without using nearly as much plastic resources.

Bubble Up Dish Brush and Ceramic Dish Set

If you’re tired of cleaning up messes made by your cleaning tools, this is a dish brush for you. It comes with its own ceramic cubby, so water and suds stay contained after use, as well as preventing bacteria build-up that can happen when brushes sit in water for extended periods of time. The Bubble Up Dish Brush features an ergonomic bamboo design and strong recycled plastic bristles. Pair it with a plastic free soap like this castile soap block, and you’re ready to clean!

Soap Opera Soap Dispenser

If you prefer classic liquid soap, we have an option for you too! The Soap Opera Soap Dispenser makes it easy to reduce the amount of single-use soap bottles you purchase, letting you refill this reusable dispenser with a bulk soap option like this one. Made from eco-friendly materials like recycled glass and bamboo, it’s perfect for the bathroom and the kitchen – working for both hand soap and dish soap. Just buy a bulk soap option (or head to your nearest bulk refill store!), fill it up, and get cleaning.

Tidy Dish Cloths

Fact: single-use paper towels are not recyclable or reusable, and are usually sourced from our forests – which help reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change. Replace wasteful paper towels with Tidy Dish Cloths! Made from 100% organic cotton and colored with non-toxic dyes, they feature embedded loops to help scrub surfaces and are highly absorbent for mopping up any mess. After cleaning, just toss them in the washing machine for endless reuses.

Deep Cleaning

Splash Patrol Natural Latex Gloves

Life is messy – and our hands usually take on most of that mess. Cleaning gloves are a great way to reduce exposure to chemicals and keep your hands dry, but the single-use alternatives are often made from non-recyclable materials that go straight to our landfills. With the Splash Patrol Gloves, you can protect your hands and the planet! They’re made from eco-friendly natural latex rubber plus 100% cotton cuffs that stop water from dripping down your arms, and have a soft interior you’ll love. If you do need to use disposable gloves, opt for a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box to help you recycle them!

Micro Manager Detail Scrub Brush

Sometimes a sponge is not enough to get the job done. When it comes to cleaning grout, tricky shower corners, or tiny drains, reach for the Micro Manager Scrub Brush. It’s made from BPA-free recycled plastic with a touch of bamboo, can be dishwashed to refresh the bristles, and is durable for endless uses. Plus, the side opposite the bristles features an angled semi-sharp edge for tough debris and ‘gunk’. Pair it with a natural scouring scrub like this one, and take on any big mess.

Compost + Cooking

The Ring Veggie Brush + The Fun Guy Mushroom Brush

How do you clean your produce? Sometimes a simple rinse is not enough! The Ring Veggie Brush is perfect for most solid produce, while we love the Fun Guy Brush for scrubbin’ shrooms. Both are made from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic, bamboo, and plant fibers, and feature durable bristles and ergonomic handles to make prepping veggies easy.

Fresh Air Compost Bin

In the USA alone, it’s estimated we waste between 30-40% of the food we purchase – most of which goes straight to our landfills. And while we can reduce this percentage by changing our habits, there will always be some food waste around, like banana peels or avocado pits. Instead of trashing them, try composting! The Fresh Air Compost Bin makes it easy and smell-free with a recycled plastic design that maximizes airflow and decomposition. Pair it with plant-based compost bin bags like these, and composting will be a breeze.

Scrap Happy Compost Bin

If a classic compost bin isn’t your style, we suggest starting with the Scrap Happy Compost Bin! Made from eco-friendly silicone, it features an open-air design plus a wire rim to help it fit in your freezer door or connect to kitchen drawers to collect scraps while you cook. The silicone flips inside out to easily clean the bin, and can even be dishwashed for a refresher. To use it simply connect to a drawer near your cutting board, collect scraps, leave them in your freezer, then toss in a backyard compost or commercial compost collection!

Storage + Snacking

ZipTuck Gallon Bags + Snack Bags

Now… we know what you’re thinking. This isn’t a cleaning product! We believe that cleaning and organization go hand in hand, and you can’t have one without the other. Lucky for us, Full Circle Home has some amazing options for organization, storage, and even snacking! Their ZipTuck Bags can do just about anything, from sorting toiletries in the bathroom to replacing Ziploc baggies for snacks on-the-go. They’re made from BPA free, phthalate free, and PVC free EVA material, and can be used over and over to reduce the use of single-use options. They’re dishwasher and freezer safe, making them great for meal prep or stashing leftovers, and can be written on with dry erase markers to step your storage game up. Whether you use them in the kitchen, bathroom, or for travel, these bags will make it easier to keep everything organized and clean.

Ready to get to work? We sure are! While cleaning house is never fun, Full Circle Home makes it a little easier, and a lot more eco-friendly with their innovative home products. Whether you’re cleaning the kitchen, organizing the bathroom, or just doing the dishes, Full Circle has the exact product you’ll need to get the job done. Click here to explore all of their sustainable swaps!

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