Moon Cork Yoga Block
Moon Cork Yoga Block
Moon Cork Yoga Block
Moon Cork Yoga Block

Scoria Moon Cork Yoga Block

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Support your practice with the Moon Cork Yoga Block from Scoria! Made from sustainably harvested and naturally anti-microbial cork, this eco-friendly yoga block is perfect for hot yoga, meditation, stretching, and more. It has a durable and sturdy design to aid in your yoga practice and support where needed. Plus, for every block sold, Scoria donates 6 meals to those in need through Feeding Children Everywhere!


Where does our creativity go when we enter adulthood? Do we have to let go of childhood musings when we're fully‚grown-up? What does being grown-up really mean? Enter Scoria World; a collection of thoughtfully sourced, sustainable yoga mats and accessories that serve as a daily reminder to reset and to return to our imaginative and creative younger selves. With Scoria, adults and children alike are encouraged to embrace a youthful mindset and engage in a playful, exuberant life! Plus, Scoria prioritizes thoughtful, sustainable materials like organic cotton, water-based adhesives, and responsibly sourced cork and natural rubber so your yoga practice is a positive one, for you and the planet. Scoria also partners with Right to Play by donating a portion of every sale to supporting play-based education to children in Indigenous communities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I'm new to using yoga blocks but I've been using the matching yoga mat for over a year now and have been very happy with it. I decided to spring for this block, and am glad I did! It helps me maintain balance and feels very sturdy under my hand. Couldn't be happier! :)

Heavy, Stable, and good height

I don't know much about yoga blocks, but doing yoga at home so much during the pandemic, and many YouTube videos have them, so I got two of these to follow along. They are heavier than I initially thought, which is excellent because it makes me feel more confident they will not slip or move when I am putting my weight into them. Graphics on them blocks aren't for me, but really not the point at all. They work, which is why I bought them.

Firmer than plastic foam, but more stable for balancing

When the virus closed my local yoga studio, I had to start gathering my own equipment to work out at home. As a result, I only have the plastic/foam blocks from the studio to compare to, and these are significantly more firm than that; it's especially noticeable when using them on my lower back for poses like supported fish. However, I also feel more stable when using them to balance for half moon. It took some getting used to just because the material is so different from what I was using before, but now I don't think I could go back!